Lot 48: my favorite things

June 20, 2014

my favorite things

no i'm not oprah or Jules in the sound of music but that doesn't mean i can't list my favorite things!!  because i am tooooootally as cool as oprah. obvi.
  • chick flicks (there will be a post next week on my favorites. get excited)
  • late night dance parties with the husband
  • taffy
  • bolognese with penne pasta
  • pastries
  • croissants
  • when my husband laughs so hysterically at what i said that his whole belly shakes and he throws his head back and closes his eyes because he just can't control his laughter
  • babies. all of them.
  • gossip magazines. the other day my husband came home from walmart with a trashy magazine with khloe kardashian on the cover. you know how i feel about the kardashians, so naturally i jumped on him and told him he was the best husband ever BECAUSE HE IS
  • plans.  i just made a chart on a white board someone gave us for our wedding that lists what we will do each and every day.  what fun activities i want to do, what chores we need to do, all of it. and i love it.
  • where i work. not just my job but also the location.  it is right across the street from this huge, beautiful mall with a lot of awesome restaurants.
  • baby pups
  • lazy summer days by the pool with a good book and/or gossip magazines
  • my space heater.  i am the person who is always cold.  ALWAYS.  so having my space heater under my desk is a life saver. for real. 
  • finding good new music that makes my heart sing and makes me dance in my chair
  • home cooked meals. i don't like cooking them, but i like eating them.
  • girls nights
what are your favorite things??? 
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  1. puppies are definitely one of my favorite things

  2. I am so with you on the taffy and pastries. Can you tell I'm pregnant ha ha ha

  3. I swear, working in, near or around a mall is dangerous!!

  4. I use to work in a mall and it was so dangerous, now i seldom go to a mall

  5. Love this list!! "home cooked meals. i don't like cooking them, but i like eating them." - AGREED.


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