Lot 48: making waves

June 10, 2014

making waves

^^this was taken while i was on my study abroad in a tiny little beach town east of rome.^^

i love this idea of posting an essay on how you make waves in life. thanks for the great idea and linkup rachel!

i always kind of did things my own way in my family.  i have 3 sisters, all older, and they all went to the same college.  they all got married in our hometown.  they all traveled through europe on art history study abroads. 

i went to their college's rival college.  i was in a sorority (briefly. so briefly).  i did a theater study abroad and instead of traveling around europe like they did, i chose to stay in london for six weeks for my study abroad. i got married in the city i now call home.  i lived in LA and worked in "the biz." none of my sisters did any of these things.

it seems i always did things my own way. my father has called me a trail blazer.  it fits, i always wanted to march to my own drum.  i didn't want to do things just because other people did them.  i wanted to do them because i wanted to do them.

but it's not only big decisions we make in our lives that make waves.  it can be something as small as deciding where to go to lunch, or which grocery story to go to.  we make so many decisions everyday. small decisions effect our lives.  you decide to go to kneaders for lunch and meet the love of your life. you decide to go to a different grocery story than you usually go to and avoid a car accident you could have gotten into on your way to said grocery store. all hypothetical. am i making any sense?

i think my sister says it better than i can.

my sister has had an amazing life.  years ago, she lived in oxford, england while her husband got his master's degree.  she wrote this post on her blog during her time in oxford that i wanted to share, because she sums up this whole topic better than i can:

I was walking alone through town back to the bus stop and I was just thinking to myself "how did I get here?" Choices are funny. They seem so insignificant and sometimes they are so small that you may not even realize that you are making a choice, but they can take you to the greatest places and put you in the strangest situations. Sometimes I wonder if I ever thought I would end up where I am, and I honestly don't think that it ever entered my consciousness.

my sister met her husband in a chemistry (was it chemistry? some class. idk) class in college. what if she had chosen a different class?? what if i had chosen to not accept my friend's invitation to go to a night class with her where i met my husband?

making waves, people.  even if you don't know it, you are making waves.  with every decision you make, you are making waves. you are carving out your future.

funny thing, isn't it?


  1. I think it sometimes difficult for people to see how they are trailblazers in their own life. I really like this post and that it makes the reader THINK. Bueno, bueno. :)

  2. As funny as it feels to reference an Ashton Kutcher movie, it makes me think of "The Butterfly Effect"--each decision leads you in a certain direction, and if you had just done one thing differently, it would have a ripple effect through your whole life history. I bet your trailblazing is noticed by your family and inspires others to go their own way, too!

  3. I love this! We definitely do all make waves in our own ways. And we have to find the way that works for us. Why would anyone want to do what everyone else does just because everyone else does it?

  4. Fabulous post. It has definitely made me think! It is funny how we make all these tiny decisions every day that affect our whole lives.

  5. Gosh, this is so true! Small decisions can really lead to big things. My life has been a series of small decisions, but I am so happy to be where I am today. I am happy that I made enough little waves to steer me in the right direction.

  6. YES. "Even if you don't know it, you are making waves."

    I think it's time we all give ourselves some more credit, don't you? ;)

  7. Hi there! Stopping by from the Make Waves contest -- I just submitted my essay + I've been loving reading everyone else's! I love your perspective of making waves. It's so true that every word/action we say/take, we are carving out our futures with a ripple effect. Great post :)


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