Lot 48: its okay. go to bed angry

June 12, 2014

its okay. go to bed angry

we have come up on our four month anniversary! can. you. believe. it.  

i've been thinking about advice that people gave us leading up to our wedding day/on our wedding day/in our wedding cards/etc... and the time old classic piece of advice that was included was...

don't go to bed angry

i have been thinking about this advice and have come to a conclusion.

that piece of advice is crap.

you know when you are trying to make a decision and you just think "i'll sleep on it.  we'll see how i'll feel tomorrow."

i think the same goes for arguments. 

sometimes, arguments are so stupid or you just need time to think before you come to a conclusion, a solution. sleep it off! like you would a hang over! 

in the morning, you have a new perspective! you think "why we were fighting about this? that was stupid! i won't spend money on a pedicure! i  see your point now! lets make out."

does this make any sense at all? is this post a waste? 

anywhoooos. that's my two cents.

go to bed angry. sleep on it. cause why would you want to lose sleep, be tired the next day, and still angry. why? that all just sounds like a bad situation all around.

peace and love.
(peace and love? am i secretly a hippie??)


  1. I know nothing of marriage as by Utah standards I am considered an old maid. ;) I don't like the idea of going to bed angry with my hypothetical spouse. I might just say, "I am still not happy and we will need to talk about this in the morning - BUUUUT - I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And I am so happy I get to go to sleep next to you tonight!" Ha. But, then again, an old maid can say that. :)

  2. AMEN! Of course, I'm not married but after living with my boyfriend for a while we've learned a thing or 2. I know when I'm tired I get angry easier anyway so a lot of times it's safer and more kind for both of us to just say "Ok, we know we'll work this out. I'm still angry, but we both need sleep. We'll come back to it in the morning I love you. Goodnight." And like you said- in the morning most of the time it's like OH RIGHT that was dumb I'm sorry. Moving on with our lives! haha

  3. Dude, we definitely have gone to bed angry & things usually seem better in the morning after we have slept on it. Sure there are also times we wake up still angry but we still usually have a different perspective on things & can solve whatever problem we need to. Even if we go to bed angry we still kiss & say I love you so I think that helps things sometimes too.

  4. I agree. I've been married for 7 months and sometimes we just get tired and my husband shuts down. I could keep arguing all night, but it's just a monologue!

  5. UGH! I think my comments are disappearing in some weird internet narnia, LOL.

    Anyway, I couldn't agree more (and coincidentally wrote a blog post about this myself a while ago). It's best to let the air clear or you run the risk of arguing in circles (at least this is what happens when my bf and I fight). Also, I'm realizing that people argue differently, too. I like to resolve things asap while my BF likes to be alone to process everything. THIS was a a huge issue for us initially, but now I understand and I let him be. Sometimes you also just have to adjust to the way a person copes, if that makes sense :)

  6. I agree with this. I will always, always, always say goodnight and I love you, but it's ok to go to bed mad. I calm down a whole lot in my sleep!


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