Lot 48: its a good day when... you can win enter THREE giveaways at once!!!

June 26, 2014

its a good day when... you can win enter THREE giveaways at once!!!

=It's A Good Day Linkup

heeyyyy!!! we made it to friday!! THANK GOODNESS. this week was a rough one for me. but here's to a weekend to relaxing, rejuvenating and spending time with loved ones.

thank you to Lisa for this brilliant linkup idea! we all know I love linkups!

//its a good day when it is the weekend so that i can sleep in.  because it is the BEST DAY when i can sleep in.

//its the weekend so that i can spend every minute with my husband.

//one of my favorite chick flicks is on tv.

//family parties.  i just love being my family, especially my babies, aka nieces and nephews.  it is such a good day when i get to spend as much time as possible with them!!

//its a paid holiday.  right?? like its a monday and you aren't at work, but you are getting paid? ye-ah!

//i get to eat really good pasta. my classic, go to pasta dish is penne bolognese.  because IT IS THE BEST. i want to eat it right now.

//i just have a really good work day.  productive, not too overwhelming but busy enough you aren't bored and the tasks are challenging and fulfilling.

//something good happens to someone i love. like my brother-in-law got a new job! kazaa!!

//i find a new song that speaks to my heart.

//finding a new really, really good movie (hello blue jasmine. cate i'm SO GLAD YOU WON THAT OSCAR).

//i'm indulging in a craving. yummmmmmmmm..... mexican food. i want it now.

// i pick up a new gossip magazine. oh how i love you, you trashy little things.

what are things that make it a good day for you??

ps i finally watched this week's bachelorette and SPOILER: josh needs to go. nick needs to go. chris needs to win but i think andi is too dumb to see that. SHOCKED that jj went home and josh didn't. i hate nick so much. SO MUCH. oh and um, dylan?? dude you were sick because you don't wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. that's disgusting. andi should send him home for that. like, are you not an adult??? eeeewww. so gross

AND NOW..........

this week has been pretty crazy so i apologize that i am throwing this all at you at once. BUT!  i am in THREE giveaways this week!! don't miss out!! I have teamed up with maegen to give you a $200 GiGi Clutch AND Pouch, with Helene to give you a $200 Sephora Gift Card, and Jana to give you a $75 Gift Card to Albion Fit!

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  1. my favorite way to exercise is to run in the park!

  2. I never thought I'd say this, but I love running when the weather is nice! If not, Zumba is definitely a close second!

  3. I loved reading your tips for beating writer's block! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ohmygosh, pasta is definitely my weakness! Well, it's one of my many weaknesses :-) And I love a good family party!
    Thanks for linking-up!

  5. I would totally go for the white clutch. SO cute!


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