Lot 48: if i was the bachelorette

June 9, 2014

if i was the bachelorette

first off, i just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your sweet emails, love, kindness and encouragement from this post.  i got soooo many tests done on friday so hopefully we will get some answers. but really, i am so touched by all your sweet comments and emails, i swear i wasn't trying to get attention, but this is one of the reasons why i love blogging so much!

there is no bachelorette episode this week! what are we going to do?? talk about what would happen if i was the bachelorette, obvi.

i like the way andi does things. i didnt' watch the juan pablo season because..... snoozefest/he's an a***

but i like andi. she's fun. and i think she is handles things well.  if you want to get insight into last week's episode, read previous bachelorette jillian harris' two cents on the situation, read it here.

after i red it, i was like, it get it now jill, i get it!

i think i would be the most awkward but funnest (not a word, lauren!) bach evs.  

  • i would wear quite a lot of pink dresses. with lots of sparkles. andi's got the sparkles thing down, but not enough pink. or red. never mind, not pink. red. red is my jam. 
  • there would be no sporting dates. because i have no idea what sport we would play because me and sports do not mix. {what's football? is that the thing where they swing the golf ball?}
  • we would have a rowing contest. because then i could see who has the best upper body strength cause that is IMPORTANT in a man and ups their sexiness factor a LOT. sexxxxy.
  • if a man came on the show and called himself a 'pantspreneur' i would kick him off the ASAP. because WHAT EVEN IS THAT. i do like jj. (it is jj, right?? that's his name?)
  • there would DEFINITELY be some kind of situation where the boys would carry me around on one of those platters with the handles and i would be wearing some kind of faux fur robe and they would carry me around at some point.
  • also, there would be jousting. and i would be queen. and that would be the date where there are two guys. and they would fight for the rose. and it would be epic. maybe one of them would be wearing a heath ledger mask to get some knight's tale action going on? i don't know. just some jousting. and i would wear a FABULOUS queen dress straight out of game of  thrones.
  • i would make them do something scary to prove their bravery and also to see if they could calm me down in scary situations, like what's his head did on last week's date when they were rappelling. 
  • we would just have a good old movie night where we would just, watch a movie and cuddle and see how the man handled a chick flick. will he cringe? will he be bored? will he be a good sport? what. will. he. do?? {ahhhh the suspense!}
  • the locations we would go to would be amazing and beachy and exciting. (you're thinking, all of the places are beachy and exciting). you're right, reader. nvrmind. 
well i'm married so i will never be the bach. oh well.  i'll have the hubs joust for me some day. 

ps. my top 4
1. josh
2. chris
3. jj
4. brian
what would you do if you were the bachelorette? 

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  1. OMG< girl... YES! I also never thought of the whole "chick-flick-movie-day" date idea. What a good one! I happen to love JJ even if he is a pantspreneur and that word makes my eyeballs hurt. I kind of really like a lot of guys this year; and Andi, though annoying, is growing on me. I just wish she'd stop saying "y'all" every five seconds. Also, yes. No sports dates. Or dates where we have to put our lives at risk. Because the eff, man?

  2. Seriously. Pantspreneur. No. Just...no.

    I'd be okay with, like, one sports date, but only if it was MY sport. Beach volleyball. I mean, I'm not great at it, but all those men with their shirts off? Yes please.

  3. Soooo I don't watch those shows but something tells me your ideas aren't too farfetched and you may see some of them happen at some point!

  4. Haha I love this! Hate to admit it, but the bachelorette is my biggest guilty pleasure!

  5. movie night reminds me of ashley hebert's season when her and jp had a sweet little stay in and watch movies in pjs kind of date. so cute!

    i'm so behind on this season's bachelorette. i need to catch up asap!


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