Lot 48: i have weird dreams

June 16, 2014

i have weird dreams

i have really weird dreams.

the other night, i think it was after this post, i dreamed that i actually was the bachelorette.   but it was weird in the sense that my family gave me a going away party before i "went away."  the whole dream was me getting ready to meet the bachelors.  that's it. the entire dream was me, just..... getting ready. riveting. 

i met the bachelors in a hunger games situation where i put on this ridiculous headdress head thing and i was in this enormous ball gown and like i said, this enormous head dress. it was all red, like my dress, and was more like a witch hat with all these flowers and all this crazy things.  and then i went onto the stage (like in the hunger games) and i sat on this throne where all the bachelors came to meet me. it was all very regal. oh, and my sister was the bachelorette before me and told me not to do it because her life was all cray cray now.  and i was never on the bachelor. i was just that awesome that they decided i should be the next bachelorette. 

then i had a dream that i was getting married again.  to taran. but we weren't divorced, it was just like another wedding for people who couldn't come the first time. it was all the mess and i was very anxious the entire dream.  i realized that i didn't have a stylist to do my hair, i didn't have a venue, my bridesmaids were all over the place, i had no flowers set up, it was all just a mess. and very stressful.  i woke up before the actual ceremony and when i woke up i was like "whew. wow. okay. that wasn't real. excellent." it was all very stressful.

then i had a dream where i was a queen, like an actual queen, but nobody was treating me like one and it was really annoying.  i was sitting on my throne (do i have a thing for thrones? yes. yes i do).  and everybody was just, ignoring me. and im like.......what the what.  it was very offensive. #rude. and then there was finally this peasant fellow who came up and bowed to me and said "my queen" and i was like, "finally." geez.

there is more where this came from.  i think i might turn this into some kind of series. like a "lauren's dreams" series because i have a lot of them and they are all very weird.  it could be fun. what do you think?


  1. I kind of love weird dreams. I have a lot of them too.

  2. I never remember them like you do! I just wake up knowing they were strange and only remembering maybe 1 tiny bit.

  3. Well I totally love this. hahaha!!! PLEASE turn this into a series, I am totally on board for that! (I have super weird dreams too.... so glad I'm not the only one!)

  4. Oh wow, the first one especially is hilarious. I've had more than one stressful wedding dream--hate that. But my one recurring one is dreaming about college--which I've now been done with for 4 years. You know, always something about missing a class, can't get to a class on time, can't find my dorm room, blah blah. It's gotten to where I second-guess the reality of it all in my dream and think, No, oh my gosh it's for real this time. I've really gone back to school! It's pretty awful. ;)


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