Lot 48: i have a life that's good

June 2, 2014

i have a life that's good

i have a lot to be thankful for.  a lot. i was so excited when Belinda announced this monthly link up to discuss good things! i think we need more good news in the world don't you?  with everything i read in the news, i think it's nice to share good things. i am also linking up with Emily for grateful heart monday, a weekly link up where she shares things she is thankful for each monday. so much link ups! so many good things to share! isn't it wonderful?
Found Love. Now What?

//my best friend is home. 

as i mentioned before, my best friend just got home from serving an 18 month mission in Taiwan for the LDS (Mormon) church.  i drove (or rather, the hubs drove) to my hometown on Friday to spend the weekend with her.  words can't express how good it was to see her.  when she landed on wednesday, i obviously wasn't there as i live 300 miles away, but our bff  elise (my MOH) sent me a picture of them. i was at my sister's house when i got that picture, and when i saw it, i just started sobbing uncontrollably because i was so freaking happy she was home. it freaked out my 2 year old nephew, he looked very concerned as i cried onto my sister's shoulder, so i just told him it was happy tears and my brother in law said "it's okay buddy, this is just something girl's do." hahaha.

^^when you are on a mission, you are named "sister --- ---" because we are all children of God. when you are a boy on a mission, you are named "elder --- ---" and that reason is a bit more complicated but it has to do with priesthood^^

when i arrived at her house on friday, she was sooo exhausted. bloodshot eyes, couldn't even sit down, just so tired. but it felt like no time had passed and we talked just like we used to. it was wonderful. she was very weirded out and couldn't wrap her brain around the fact that i'm married. i wasn't even dating taran when she left! she just kept staring at my wedding ring.

we spent saturday boating on the lake (that is my husband wakeboarding on the right) and look at how cute patrisha's welcome home cake was! i had to share it (sorry it's blurry)

//all my babies are here
my sister moved here a week ago! i have 3 sisters, no brothers and we all haven't lived in the same city in 12 years.  and now all my nieces and nephews are just 20 miles away from my home. and i am so giddy about it!! my sister will only live here for a year, so i am going to soak up as much time with her and her kids as much as possible. and also! my sister is due with a baby boy at the end of july, and my other sister is due with a baby girl in november! yay for more babies!

//my husband.  i know it's cliche, but i really, really am grateful for him.  he is truly such an amazing man and is constantly supportive and selfless.  he puts my needs before his own on a daily basis and gives service to me daily.  i really don't deserve him. i really don't.  i am the luckiest woman in the world.  he is just.... man, i just can't even describe. he is my love.

//my parents.  there have been some health issues that i have been dealing with lately that have really taken a toll on me.  my parents are so helpful and are determined to help me figure out what is going on with me and help me.  my parents are the most supportive parents a girl could ask for. they are always really funny and made me laugh a lot this weekend. i am so so grateful for them. and also grateful that i have really good insurance so i can get lots of tests done.

//my savior.  i don't think i need to expand on this too much. and this post is getting long.  and you have all heard it before.  the savior is my salvation, my comforter, and i would be nothing without Him. 

//my job.  i absolutely love my job. i just finished a huge, huge project that i was entirely responsible for and i really loved creating this project and the responsibility i had. it has improved my confidence, and really just made me feel good about myself and made me love my job even more.  

there are a lot of good things to be thankful for!! and lots of good things going on around here! i truly, truly am so blessed.  my have such a great life and i owe it all my hard work, my positive attitude, and my savior.   

Ember Grey.

what are you thankful for? what good things have been going on in your life lately?


  1. It definitely is better to read good news :) . And I liked reading your good news!

  2. Stopping by from Emily's link up....isn't it great starting our weeks feeling grateful? So happy you're friend is home and you were able to reconnect. Congrats on all of those beautiful babies! Goof times ahead for your family!

  3. So, I just have to say I got excited as soon as I saw the song at the top--I love Nashville, and that's one of my favorite songs from it. :) There's nothing quite like the love we have for our best friends--happy for you that your friend is back!

  4. I'm so glad your reunion went well!

  5. Hi, I'm stopping in from Emily's link up - your post has made me feel so happy!! So many things to be grateful for - I'm particularly touched by being close to your family again. I so want that for myself one day! (I'm in England now 6 years...they're all back in NY). Enjoy catching up with your friend!

  6. hahah!!! Your brother in law hit the nail right on the head! ;) Your little nephew will understand when he's older, I'm sure. So cute. This is such a happy post!!!! Cliche or not, lady... I am grateful for my husband too ;) We are blessed gals!


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