Lot 48: June 2014

June 30, 2014

500 days of taran

you've all seen it, right?  that horribly depressing movie, 500 days of summer?  the only other movie that can make me cry that hard is titanic.  

well. i have been keeping track on my phone for a few months now for how long my fella and i have been together.  and yesterday, my dears, was the 500th day.  

you know when you were young and naive you would watch movies and read books about really great love? and you would think to yourself, "i want to be that in love.  i want to feel that." 

then in my college years, i still hadn't felt it and wanted it so badly.  i wanted that heartbreaking, fills you up from the top of your head to the tip of your toes kind of love.  i wanted it so badly.  and God knew it. 

so he sent me this man.  this perfect, angelic, studly, handsome, sweet, funny, charming man.  it was my choice with what to do with it.  but what is a girl to do when God send you the PERFECT man?  you marry him.

so marry him i did.  we have been married for 4 1/2 months. and been together for 500 days.  and i love taran as much as joseph leavitt loved zooey deschanel in the movie. and then some. but our story is a happy ending. 

happily married doesn't even begin to describe it.  i don't know how to put into words how much i love him. i he is the most patient, loving, understanding, comforting, protective, funny, most amazing man i have ever known.  i would marry him again and again and again.  

i would literally do anything for this man.  some people say "oh i don't think you should need your husband." you should be independent and stable enough on your own not to need a man." well. i need him.  i need him.  i could be happy without him, sure.  but to a far lesser degree.  i want him by my side always.  i miss him when i'm at work.  i miss him even if he is gone for 10 minutes.  we are one of those couples that kisses and hugs and says "no i missed you more" while giving each other eskimo kisses. that is who we are and i don't care.  

so here's to 500 days of taran.  and a million more. 
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June 26, 2014

its a good day when... you can win enter THREE giveaways at once!!!

=It's A Good Day Linkup

heeyyyy!!! we made it to friday!! THANK GOODNESS. this week was a rough one for me. but here's to a weekend to relaxing, rejuvenating and spending time with loved ones.

thank you to Lisa for this brilliant linkup idea! we all know I love linkups!

//its a good day when it is the weekend so that i can sleep in.  because it is the BEST DAY when i can sleep in.

//its the weekend so that i can spend every minute with my husband.

//one of my favorite chick flicks is on tv.

//family parties.  i just love being my family, especially my babies, aka nieces and nephews.  it is such a good day when i get to spend as much time as possible with them!!

//its a paid holiday.  right?? like its a monday and you aren't at work, but you are getting paid? ye-ah!

//i get to eat really good pasta. my classic, go to pasta dish is penne bolognese.  because IT IS THE BEST. i want to eat it right now.

//i just have a really good work day.  productive, not too overwhelming but busy enough you aren't bored and the tasks are challenging and fulfilling.

//something good happens to someone i love. like my brother-in-law got a new job! kazaa!!

//i find a new song that speaks to my heart.

//finding a new really, really good movie (hello blue jasmine. cate i'm SO GLAD YOU WON THAT OSCAR).

//i'm indulging in a craving. yummmmmmmmm..... mexican food. i want it now.

// i pick up a new gossip magazine. oh how i love you, you trashy little things.

what are things that make it a good day for you??

ps i finally watched this week's bachelorette and SPOILER: josh needs to go. nick needs to go. chris needs to win but i think andi is too dumb to see that. SHOCKED that jj went home and josh didn't. i hate nick so much. SO MUCH. oh and um, dylan?? dude you were sick because you don't wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. that's disgusting. andi should send him home for that. like, are you not an adult??? eeeewww. so gross

AND NOW..........

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June 25, 2014

the best {and worst} chick flicks

as promised, i bestow upon you, the best {and worst} chick flicks!!

what girl doesn't love a good chick flick right??


i think i want to watch this right now.  it is seriously and literally one of the best chick flicks rom/coms of ever. just, ever. ammirigggght.

i just find this movie so incredibly romantic. how much does he love her?!?! to remind her who he is, and make a tape for her everyday, its just so romantic! it makes my heart happy. i'm going to go watch this one now too. ps. don't see the movie that is currently out with these two, blended.  we saw it out of boredom and got even more bored.

classic!! classic!! classic chick flick! right? okay now i am just getting hungry for these chick flicks and i need to host a marathon. who wants to join me?

my awesome husband got this for me for my birthday! he had never seen it! can you believe it?!? i love this movie so much.  i love the whole "he doesn't see what's right in front of him until he snaps out of his stupidity."

this movie is so romantic.  we watched this when we were  dating and were newly in love and it was just swell.  am i the only one who loves this movie?

do i have something for matthew mcconaughey?? this chick flick needs no explanation.

all the smiles! and another "doesn't see what's right in front of them!" guard your treasure! eat the pringles! 


okay, so i watched this when i was bored one sunday night and it was on neflix, so there ya go. it's all ridiculous.  classic stupid chick flick, where the girl "accidentally" gets a good paying, smart job in the big city and falls in love with her boss while she is the only one who wears cute clothes in the entire office. you know.

really, they are all just dating the same guy.  i couldn't get through it.  so stupid. and the only other thing i have seen sofia vergara in besides modern family.  ps. she just broke off her engagement because their relationship "wasn't fun anymore." um....... hello????? how old are you??

sometimes i love this movie, and sometimes i'm like, why do i love this movie.  so, its a bit of a flip and flopper. but nonetheless, it is pretty silly. but you can suffer through it because of duh, chris pine.

why is voldemort in a chick flick.  why would you try on clothes from the room you're cleaning. why? somebody explain this to me.

what are your favorite chick flicks?

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June 22, 2014

not pregnant, not in jail: more weird dreams

monday. bleh. i hate you. so much.  it has been kind of rough at work lately and i do not want it to be monday.  my husband and i get really sad on sunday nights because after two days of spending time together, we don't want to go back to being apart all day! i know, i know, we are sooooo pathetic. but this weekend was good!! my nephew and niece had their birthday parties which was so much fun and so cute. i'll share pictures soon.

i have honestly been feeling pretty down about blogging.  i have been comparing myself to other bloggers a lot lately: comparing followers, the amount of money other bloggers make, if  who i think are "cool bloggers" actually read them, etc.  i want to sit at the cool table.  i want to be serena vanderwoodsen but i am more of a liz lemon. but i'll find my way.  bottom line, blogging makes me happy.  so that is why i should do it and ignore everything else.

i think everybody enjoyed this post on my weird dreams so i thought i'd share some more!!

i dreamt taran and i were shopping for an apartment in NYC.  i have always wanted to live in new york (kelly, you are living my dream life), even if living there would only be for a little while. so we were hunting for an apartment to live in, even though we had no jobs lined up there and we had no plans of moving there. i just wanted to have some new york experience of some kind that involved living in the city.  so we met with a realtor and deluded her into thinking we were going to take one of the places.

then we found this enormous 8,000 sq ft, multiple floor apartment that we would have to share with 7 other people.  some roommates were boys, some were girls. we would obviously all share a kitchen.  there was a terrace.  every roommate in the house were dancers.  and i looked to the hubs and was like, "sooooooooooo, lets move in, yeah??"

due to everyone's OBSESSION with orange is the new black (seriously, guys, its getting kind of annoying. i'm sure its a great show!! but lets just talk about something else. i feel the same way with the world cup and the issues with iran.)  i had a dream where i was in prison because i was in this super, super minor car accident that got completely blown out of proportion and i had to go to jail for 5 years.  i literally just bumped somebody else's car and into jail i went. and my mom came to visit me and i was like "i am reading books on law. my  brother-in-law is a lawyer. i am going to get myself out." and i was terrified and so so so scared and i missed my husband. and it was just horrible.

my greatest fear is to be wrongfully accused of a crime and having to go to jail. literally one of my greatest fears. years ago, i had a dream where this happened and my sister turned herself in and said she did it and went to prison for me. she was newly married and i'm like "what about your husband?!?!?"
but that's the kind of sister she is, she goes to jail for you.  when i told her about the dream, she was like "oh yeah, i would totally do that for you.  you wouldn't last.  i would rule over everyone."  yes. yes, she would.

moving on.

then i had a dream where i was pregnant WHICH I'M NOT but when i woke up i was relieved/sad. it is not the time for us to have a baby. we are not ready financially and other personal things and we have only been married for four months for crying out loud!  but we are both so baby hungry and are desperate for a baby.  we talk about our unborn children all the time. we can't wait to meet them.  but now is not the time. so i will just have to cuddle with my nieces and nephews for now. and my sister is 8 months pregnant and could give me a new nephew any day now, so that's exciting!

anywhos, my dreams are weird.

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June 20, 2014

my favorite things

no i'm not oprah or Jules in the sound of music but that doesn't mean i can't list my favorite things!!  because i am tooooootally as cool as oprah. obvi.
  • chick flicks (there will be a post next week on my favorites. get excited)
  • late night dance parties with the husband
  • taffy
  • bolognese with penne pasta
  • pastries
  • croissants
  • when my husband laughs so hysterically at what i said that his whole belly shakes and he throws his head back and closes his eyes because he just can't control his laughter
  • babies. all of them.
  • gossip magazines. the other day my husband came home from walmart with a trashy magazine with khloe kardashian on the cover. you know how i feel about the kardashians, so naturally i jumped on him and told him he was the best husband ever BECAUSE HE IS
  • plans.  i just made a chart on a white board someone gave us for our wedding that lists what we will do each and every day.  what fun activities i want to do, what chores we need to do, all of it. and i love it.
  • where i work. not just my job but also the location.  it is right across the street from this huge, beautiful mall with a lot of awesome restaurants.
  • baby pups
  • lazy summer days by the pool with a good book and/or gossip magazines
  • my space heater.  i am the person who is always cold.  ALWAYS.  so having my space heater under my desk is a life saver. for real. 
  • finding good new music that makes my heart sing and makes me dance in my chair
  • home cooked meals. i don't like cooking them, but i like eating them.
  • girls nights
what are your favorite things??? 
linking up with sarah
Venus Trapped in Mars

June 19, 2014

this is how we family vacation

we have family vacation once a year.  it is either in california or in park city, utah, 30 minutes from where we all live. (in case you live under a rock, park city is where sundance film festival is every january. you can read about my guilt over never going to sundance here and how i finally went here.)

i am not one for nature.  i really hate being in nature.  i like looking at it and as long as i can see civilization from where i am in nature, its allllll good.  park city is really, really beautiful and is one of the only gorgeous places on God's earth where i actually appreciate its beauty.

we stay in large suites because there are sooooo many of us and sooooo many babies. a rundown: i have three sisters, all older. all of us are married.  all my sisters have children.  there are five babies out of the womb and two in the womb (from separate sisters. one due next month, one due in nov) 

^^london. london jane. my little londy loo.  she just turned one and is trying to grasp the concept of kissing. its okay. i'll kiss her until she gets the hang of it. and yes i know my smile is weird i don't know what happened.^^

^^oliver in a speedo. aka the only man who should wear a speedo. my husband with a baby. nuff said^^ 

swimming was involved, because duh, its family vacation and that's what you do on family vacay. also involved: water squirt guns that grandma had bought and lots and lots of giggling and squeals while i sat on the rocks nearby because i didn't know we were swimming. #winning

one of the best and most fun things to do in park city in the summer is go on the alpine slide.  it is this huge, grand concrete slide that takes you all the way down the mountain.  you ride in those little yellow carts seen above and then you push the red handle forward and go as fast as you want down this mountain and its AWESOME. so as you can see, park city is very beautiful and that there is my entire family. the family who slides together stays together.

 see?? you sit on this concrete slide in the cart.  due to my sister's enormous 35 week pregnant belly, she couldn't put oliver on her lap, so my dad got to take him. he had a huge cheesy grin the entire ride down the mountain.

ps. the sweatshirt my dad is wearing is the sweatshirt from the college he and i both attended.  when he put it on, he said "you and me lauren! you and me!" all my other sisters went to our college's rival school, and my dad just was dying to have one of us go to his alma mater.  me, being the obedient daughter that i am, obliged his request. you and me, dad.  you and me.

pps. yes, my brother in law is a lawyer and that is why he is wearing the shirt in the picture above. moving on.

 ^^"seriously, aunt lauren? ANOTHER picture of me?" yes. oliver. another picture of you. stop being so delicious and i'll stop taking pictures.  the father and son behind him is my other nephew lincoln and my bro-in-law) i was really trying to take a picture of lincoln, but okay oliver, OKAY #conceded^^

^^it was like, 50 degrees and SNOWED in park city today. and its JUNE. utah weather, man. what. is. up. so yes, that is me wearing winter boots and my knotts berry farm impulse buy and yes it was very cold, thank you for asking.^^

^^no, oliver, i was just taking a picture of you and your cousins on the airplanes, just in your general direction. i can't help it that this was my only good shot. geez.^^

i am going through this faze where i don't like eyeliner? so i haven't been wearing any and now that i see this...... hmmmm....... i had no idea i looked so ugly.

SMORES. when i had this amazing smore in my hand, my sister was like, "you should put another marshmallow on top of the chocolate so there are two marshmallows on both sides of the chocolate" and then my eyes lit up and i was like YES YOU ARE BRILLIANT THIS IS WHY YOU ARE MY SISTER and then i said "and then we put it in ice cream" and she said "okay, wow" but i kept going and said "and then we put a brownie on it. with fudge sauce. and a reese's on top." and she just did her older sister laugh and said "wow, that went from sane to just......wow" and i said "you have created a monster." 

and this is my family. my dad with his "mister camera" recording every family moment. my babies. my pregnant sister. my aunt. my mom. my sisters. my husband. my sisters' husbands. more babies. family.

we played this fun game on father's day with the babies where we asked them questions about their dads and their answers were sooooooo funny.  

when we asked my 2 1/2 yr old nephew (lincoln) what his dad does after he puts him to bed, his response was that his dad went to home depot and got bug spray and sprayed all the bugs.  when asked how old his dad was, his answer was 3.

when we asked my 2 year old niece what pop pop's name was, her response: "pink!" when asked how old pop pop was, her response: "pink!" 

that's exactly what i would have said, avery.


June 18, 2014

this is my job

Venus Trapped in Mars

dear sarah and helene
i completely love this whole #totalsocial thing and i am so excited about this month's topic.  i have been meaning to write this post for a while, so thank you for giving me an opportunity to do so!

whenever i tell people what i do, their response usually is "oh, i never would have thought of that as a job! but i guess somebody has to do that and it is totally necessary!" 

yes. it is necessary.  my company is very, very, VERY necessary.

you know when you call 911, there is a person who picks up the line and gives you instructions on what  to do in your emergency? like if your dad stopped breathing and you dial 911, you want the person on the other end of the line to be able to tell you how to do cpr right? or if your neighbor falls off their roof? you want the person on the call to be able to tell you what to do.

well i work for the company that writes those protocols.  i work for the company that tells the 911 dispatchers what to do and say. i work for the company that trains the dispatchers. i work for the company that trains the instructors who teach the dispatchers. i work for the company  that writes protocols for fire, police and medical emergency communication (i say "the" company because we are kind of a monopoly.  there are a few other companies that kind of do what we do, but we are the biggest, the  best, and the  ONLY company that matches state legislature public safety laws).  we are in 48 countries. 11 (?) languages. we have hundreds of employees. i work for a company that saves lives.

and i absolutely love it.

i really wanted to write this post after my business trip because on that trip, i truly met some of the most amazing people i have ever met in my life.  dispatchers from all over the country come to this conference (there are 6 other conferences of the same, but just in different continents. there is a conference in australia, germany, middle east, china, and england) to learn how to be better dispatchers.  these people hear unimaginable things on these calls. and i know, because my job is to write about them. i am the digital content writer, so i hunt down stories and write them for "exclusive online content" for our magazine that we release every two months.  some of the things i have heard have knocked the wind right out of me.  i am EMD (emergency medical dispatch) certified as every employee of my company has to be, and i know what these dispatchers have to go through. i know how to do their job, but man oh man am i glad that i don't have to do it. the things they hear. the calls they have to take. unthinkable things they have to listen to.  i couldn't do it. i just couldn't.

and that is why i was so incredibly humbled when i met all these dispatchers on the business trip.  these people are completely and totally dedicated to making their community better, they are humble, they are smart, and they are as tough as hell.

even though we have these protocols and dispatchers have to follow them to a T, they still have to make judgement calls. what if they can't hear everything the caller is saying? what if they hear what they think is a gunshot but they aren't sure? do they dispatch just an ambulance? do they just dispatch a police officer?  these people are smart.  if you ever dial 911, your lives are in their hands.

and i can tell you with full confidence, that your life is in good hands. this job has humbled me so much and has opened my eyes to public safety in ways i never expected.  hearing these 911 calls is rough.  sometimes, it leaves me shaking, sometimes i have to hold back tears, in my dispatch class when i was getting certified, i just walked out of the room in the middle of a test call because i couldn't handle it.

i love my job. my job is very close to my heart. i love going to work everyday.  i am so blessed. i really am.

June 17, 2014

lessons learned

there is a very tiny town about 50 miles north of where i grew up. every time i drive by this tiny little town, i blow a kiss.

i went to college for my freshman year in that town.  that tiny little town where i learned more life lessons in 10 months that i ever thought possible.  i was so unhappy there.  but i learned so many things. 

i was a home body growing up. the kind of homebody where i couldn't be away from my mom and dad for a night. i couldn't go to sleep overs. i couldn't go on class trips.  i didn't understand teenagers.  i didn't relate to them, even though i was one.  i didn't want to stay up all night at sleepovers playing silly games and getting no sleep. i wanted to sleep. in my own bed. so we (my parents and i) thought it would be a good idea to go to college just a little ways away.  far way enough that i wouldn't be able to go home whenever, but not too far.

i was really into theater in high school and i was DEAD SET on being a performer for ever and ever so i was a theater major that freshman year. and i did not fit in with my classmates.  i soon realized that i didn't know how to make friends.  and that watching tv for seven hours a day does not make one feel good about one's self. and feeling bad about yourself gets old. it gets real old real fast.  so i decided to make changes. 

instead of going into my room to watch tv on my computer, i went to the library and read books for fun (my classes were easy for the most part), i wrote plays, i wrote short stories, i did something else than stay in my room.  i hung out with people i didn't like. i forced myself to get out. out of my room, out of my head. 

i learned how get out of my shell.  i went to parties and dances that started at 10 o'clock at night.  i went to weekly sunday game night. i made friends.  i learned how to make friends.  i forced myself to make friends. 

my parents and i had decided before i left for college that this tiny college town would be just a one year thing. and by the spring, i decided it was. 

 i made a decision to move up here, to salt lake city, to go to the university of utah and start my life over. build my life from the ground up again. i vomited on the first day of school at the U because i was so nervous. building your life from the ground up is hard. but i knew i had the tools to do it, because of that first year. so i vomited, swallowed my fear and went to class. 

 i have been here in this city, 300 miles from home for 5 years.  its why i got married up here, not in my hometown.  this is my home now. 

i have built my life from the ground up multiple times, and if i hadn't gone to that tiny little tiny town and to that tiny little college, i would never have learned those valuable tools that have made me who i am today.  

i would do that year over again.  i would make that choice every single time.  that year was hard, i'm not gonna lie. but i am so thankful for that year.  so, so thankful for that year.  

and that is why i blow a kiss every time i pass that town.

what life lessons have you learned from a hard time that you would do over again?

June 16, 2014

i have weird dreams

i have really weird dreams.

the other night, i think it was after this post, i dreamed that i actually was the bachelorette.   but it was weird in the sense that my family gave me a going away party before i "went away."  the whole dream was me getting ready to meet the bachelors.  that's it. the entire dream was me, just..... getting ready. riveting. 

i met the bachelors in a hunger games situation where i put on this ridiculous headdress head thing and i was in this enormous ball gown and like i said, this enormous head dress. it was all red, like my dress, and was more like a witch hat with all these flowers and all this crazy things.  and then i went onto the stage (like in the hunger games) and i sat on this throne where all the bachelors came to meet me. it was all very regal. oh, and my sister was the bachelorette before me and told me not to do it because her life was all cray cray now.  and i was never on the bachelor. i was just that awesome that they decided i should be the next bachelorette. 

then i had a dream that i was getting married again.  to taran. but we weren't divorced, it was just like another wedding for people who couldn't come the first time. it was all the mess and i was very anxious the entire dream.  i realized that i didn't have a stylist to do my hair, i didn't have a venue, my bridesmaids were all over the place, i had no flowers set up, it was all just a mess. and very stressful.  i woke up before the actual ceremony and when i woke up i was like "whew. wow. okay. that wasn't real. excellent." it was all very stressful.

then i had a dream where i was a queen, like an actual queen, but nobody was treating me like one and it was really annoying.  i was sitting on my throne (do i have a thing for thrones? yes. yes i do).  and everybody was just, ignoring me. and im like.......what the what.  it was very offensive. #rude. and then there was finally this peasant fellow who came up and bowed to me and said "my queen" and i was like, "finally." geez.

there is more where this came from.  i think i might turn this into some kind of series. like a "lauren's dreams" series because i have a lot of them and they are all very weird.  it could be fun. what do you think?

June 13, 2014

five on this friday day

hey hey hey!!!!  it's friiiiday!! and you know what that means!!

1. my whole family is gathering around for our family vacay next week! the "vacation" is only 40 minutes away from where we all live. so i'm not taking any work off but will be spending the weekend and evenings with them.  so that is very exciting! i am ready to snuggle alllll the babies and give them looooots of kisses.

2. wicked is coming to my city and the huge huge awesome mall that we have downtown is doing some really fun stuff!! the mall is this huge thing that took 10 years to build and is really, really pretty. i work across the street which makes it very difficult to concentrate on beautiful days! i just want to go outside and browse the stores and get some ice cream, as you saw if you follow me on instagram.

but they had this fun display where you could take pictures with elphaba and glinda and then you could go around to the stores getting stamps in your oz passport and then turn it in for a chance to win prizes. a ton of the stores were doing discounts and all kinds of free stuff, so my bestie and i made a night out of it and it was really fun! we got an "elphaba eye makeover" at sephora, which was a lot of fun! i liked that the artist told me what she was doing when she was doing it so i could (attempt) to recreate it.

3. we watched found the movie fool's gold in a box of $5 movies at a gas station a few weeks ago and we watched it this week and the hubs didn't like it! what?!?! who doesn't like that movie? i love that movie? why wouldn't he like it?! he just said that he felt like it was "all over the place." excuse me. it was all in one place.

4. i am looking forward to doing sarah and helene linkup next week to share with you what i do for my job. i have to deal with some really heavy stuff at work, things that make me take a breath and stop myself from crying because the story that i'm writing is so heartbreaking.  this week has been rough at work as i have been having to read a lot of horrible, heart wrenching stories and it has kind of been taking its toll. i really love my job and i can't wait to share with you what i do on the wednesday linkup.

5. i am currently involved in two different giveaways at the moment, so if you haven't entered yet, hurry up and enter these sweet deals, time is running out!! have an amazing weekend!

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June 12, 2014

its okay. go to bed angry

we have come up on our four month anniversary! can. you. believe. it.  

i've been thinking about advice that people gave us leading up to our wedding day/on our wedding day/in our wedding cards/etc... and the time old classic piece of advice that was included was...

don't go to bed angry

i have been thinking about this advice and have come to a conclusion.

that piece of advice is crap.

you know when you are trying to make a decision and you just think "i'll sleep on it.  we'll see how i'll feel tomorrow."

i think the same goes for arguments. 

sometimes, arguments are so stupid or you just need time to think before you come to a conclusion, a solution. sleep it off! like you would a hang over! 

in the morning, you have a new perspective! you think "why we were fighting about this? that was stupid! i won't spend money on a pedicure! i  see your point now! lets make out."

does this make any sense at all? is this post a waste? 

anywhoooos. that's my two cents.

go to bed angry. sleep on it. cause why would you want to lose sleep, be tired the next day, and still angry. why? that all just sounds like a bad situation all around.

peace and love.
(peace and love? am i secretly a hippie??)

June 11, 2014

if i were a drunk

 confession: i have never had a drop of alcohol in my life. not one drop. 

i'm mormon. we don't drink. there are a ton of alcoholics in my family, the smell of alcohol kind of repels me and is like, the grossest  smell of life, don't want to end up like my aunt, yadyadayadayada.


i like to guess what i would be like if i was drunk. like, how would i behave? 

sometimes when i get suuuuper hyper i think "is this how i would behave if i was drunk? are we close?" 

well, we will never find out because i will never have a drink. i really just have no interest. honestly. not just because i'm mormon, but i really just have no interest. the smell. 

so let's take guesses! how would i act if i was drunk?

a few drinks in...... i think i would probably already get buzzed. i would start to laugh really loudly. at all the things. 

a few more drinks in.... {i would give numbers here of how many drinks, but i just have zero idea how many drinks people have when they are partying? 10? i have no idea. what's a white russian? a bloody mary? who wants to drink tomato juice? i have no idea} i would start dancing on tables i am preeeeety sure. for sure, i would be dancing on tables, thinking i was a rockstar and that the crowd was my audience and i had them eating out of the palm of my hand. 

more drinks..... i would start crying on a girlfriend's shoulder. and then i would start laughing hysterically. followed by more crying. hysterical crying. back and forth, back and forth.  and then.... i think i would call it a night. because once i started crying, i would want to go home. nobody likes to cry in public. i would probably vomit on the drive home. 

that's probably how it would go. doesn't sound like a night i would ever want to have. and from what i hear, hangovers are at b***tch. 

ps.. i hope none of you think in ANYWAY that i judge anybody for drinking. i really don't care if you drink. honestly, i don't. i really don't care if you drink. go. drink. live.