Lot 48: to my future children

May 2, 2014

to my future children

i am NOT i repeat AM NOT pregnant. but i have been thinking about babies a lot lately.  babies in general and the babies i will have with taran.  and i am ooooooooooooh so excited.

^^i have always thought it was so weirdd how i look like my baby picture but that picture of taran you see looks absolutely nothing like how he looks now. its so weird. maybe it has to be with him being such a preemie?^^

we talk a lot about our future children.  we talk about how we want to raise them, what we will name them, what they will look like.  we talk about it all.  i think about my future children daily.  and i already am so in love with them. truthfully, i wish that we could start having babies right now.  but finances! lets enjoy being married for a bit! all of that! we must wait. 
but when i think about my future children, what i mostly wonder about is what they will look like. and what personality traits will our children get from each of us. or will our children be nothing like us? i can't wait to meet them. but here are somethings that i hope they do/don't do.

  • please don't be one of those people who walks around in baggy black pants with the spiked hair and the chains jingling from your pockets.  because that really just creeps people out.
  • please don't be one of those kids who is a brat to their parents and refuses to obey our rules. please.  just don't.
  • please be one of those kids who plays jokes on your parents, because that's awesome and hilarious.
  • don't be a bully. please don't. be the kind of kid who defends people being bullied. 
  • do have your daddy's way of telling stories.  that man is the greatest story teller and is one of the main reasons why i fell in love with him.
  • do be kind to others and look out for others. 
  • please don't be a performer. as a retired performer, i ask you to please please not do that. there's a reason all rockstars tell their kids to not be in the business. THE BUSINESS MAN. it will eat you alive. (it did for me)
  • do have your daddy's curiosity.  i absolutely adore the way your daddy is curious about everything and loves to learn. i hope you are like that; it will serve you well in life. 
  • i hope that i can be an example of strength to you, like my mother is to me.  i hope you can look to me as to how to handle a tough situation.  i hope you believe in yourself and believe you can do hard things because i have shown you.
  • i hope you have your grandpa's smarts and preparedness.  my dad is the kind of man who is extremely patient and plans for things years in advance. i hope you have that.  
  • i hope you get your grandma's kindness.  as much i try to be like her, i don't ever expect to measure up. i hope you get her incredibly soft heart and nurturing soul.  if everyone was like my mom, the world would be such a better place.

do you ever think about your future children?  

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  1. I thought a lot about what my kids would be like before Joshua was born. I think about what he'll be like even more now that I actually have him though! I always wonder what he'll be like next week, next month, in 2 years, in high school, etc. And I especially wonder about his future siblings. Will they be as awesome as he is? Will I love them just as much? Haha, there is a lot to wonder about.


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