Lot 48: things you need to watching on neflix right now

May 26, 2014

things you need to watching on neflix right now

happy memorial day everyone! i hope your day is filled with barbecuing, swimming, watermelon eating, and other summer-y things.

it is officially summer.  all the shows that we have been watching all year have ended. {insert sob face here.} so what are we supposed to watch while all our favorite shows are on hiatuses? watch netflix, of course!!! 
i have compiled a list of shows i really love that i hope you will too. and then a few that i haven't watched but i want to watch this summer. 

Shows you need to be  watching:

now, law and order: special victims unit (svu) has a lot of seasons. only half of them are on netflix so i haven't made my way through them all yet, but who doesn't love crime dramas? olivia is bad a** and i love her. i'm sad that stabler left the show. now he's doing some stupid show called "surviving jack"? whatever. he's a traitor. 

i have been seriously addicted to this show since my freshman year of college.  the plots are soooooo ridiculous. but i adore the characters. this is my go to show. i could spend hours (of course i haven't spent hours! i have a life! kind of.) watching this show. it is close to my heart. the last season sucked, mostly because nobody wants to see them struggle with the guilt and aftermath of... i won't spoil it for you. but it threw off the balance of everything. and the series finale?!??!?!?! broke my heart. broke it in two.

i think this is one of the most underrated shows on tv.  it has ended now, but luckily for you, all the seasons are on netflix! i am obsessed with this show as i have always been fascinated by assassins and wanted to be in the CIA for a while. i could tell you if i applied for the CIA, but then i'd have to kill you.

in  case you have been living under a rock or don't like awesome things, this show is about people in prison who were forced to become assassins for a secret division of the government (okay, i admit, that sounds kind of stupid but bear with me!)  it's a mercenary situation. and its awesome.  it gets kind of cheezy at times, but i don't care.  this is one of my favorite shows. there are a million things to love about it (guns, explosions, hand to hand combat fights and really pretty dresses and clothes). it's the BEST.

oh, house.  how i love you. you are very near and dear to my heart as well.  you are what i watched my freshman year of college when i didn't have any friends because i didn't know how to make friends. 
but really though, this so is so good.  honestly. stephanie just mentioned that she started watching it and i got so excited for her. and if you're thinking "great, another medical show." trust me, it's nothing like any other medical show. it is NOTHING like grey's anatomy (although i really love grey's anatomy but i can only take it in doses). you will not regret watching house and you will get sucked in. i think this is one of the best tv dramas in the history of television. woah. 

if you haven't watched this already, i'm not sure what's wrong with you??? granted, i still haven't been able to make it through the season that came out last year on netflix. it was weird and i couldn't follow the plot so i gave up.  but the first three seasons. you will never stop laughing and it will change your life. i just can't even fully explain. just watch it, okay?

this is a show that i know a lot of people don't like, but i love. it is about a spy who got "burned" aka fired from the cia. i am currently trying to finish season 6, but it dragging quite a bit so i am having some trouble getting through.  but the first few seasons are much better.  just give it a try. the first few seasons are really good.

 again, if you haven't already seen this show, i'm not sure what's wrong with you??? so just get on that now. this is seriously one of the best dramas ever. its AMAZING . just watch it now. trust me. it is truly, truly incredible. the writing in this. wow. 

shows i need to be watching:

cheers. i am only on the third episode, but it is really funny! in that good old, classic humor kind of way. i know this comedy is a classic so i know i need to watch it in order to be a successful human being.   

i've heard good things about this show and i want to give it a try. i've heard it's really funny and abstract. we'll see.

my sister loved this show. and really, anything that matthew bomer is in, i will watch just so i can look at him (he is the really really attractive one with the jaw made from God in the grey suit.) i think it's about an ex criminal who consults for the fbi? i just want to watch jaw man. and yes, i know he's gay, so no need to crush my dreams. can i have crushes when i'm married? 

let summer officially begin!


  1. I absolutely love House! I'm watching it as I read blogs right now. Mad Men and Nikita are definitely on my "to watch" list now! Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. yes, definitely watch mad men and nikita. i'm so glad you liked my suggestions!

  2. Haha law and order is like the weakness. I always end up watching like 20 episodes!! I've been thinking about starting mad men, so I'll definitely have to bump that up on my list:)

  3. So we should clearly be best friends. I am obsessed with L&O: SVU. I've never heard of Nikita, but I'll watch anything that Shane West does (mostly because I can't believe he's still working). Burn Notice is one of those shows I hate-watch. His acting is just SO terrible! lol But I can totally respect that people watch it for the content.

  4. yay House!! You're right, I'm definitely getting sucked in. I love Psych and White Collar too, I binge watched both of those :)

  5. Arrested Development, Desperate Housewives and Psych-yes, yes, yes!

  6. I just found your blog via Life Could Be A Dream. So glad I did. This list came at the perfect time. I burn through shows on Netflix. Some of my favorites are Bones and New Girl! I just started a new blog so I can't wait to follow you!!


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It is the time for netflix binging!! Thank you for stopping by!

  7. White Collar has been on my list for so long. I need to watch it already!

  8. I miss Desperate Housewives!!!!!


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