Lot 48: my mama

May 10, 2014

my mama

 i am sure that you have read many blog posts about mothers this weekend and probably will this week.  but i just couldn't resist jumping on the train and joining in.  because i really, really love my mama.  
^^my mama at my wedding. my sweet nephew oliver sitting in her lap. all her grandkids are obsessed with her.^^

let's get to it. 

//her strength. i think i might have mentioned this before, but my mom really is the strongest woman i know.  i can't even begin to describe how strong she is.  she has been through so much in her life, and has handled each trial with grace and positivity and strength.  i am constantly in awe of how strong she is.  

//her maturity.  at my sister's baby shower a few years ago, my mom was very, very sick.  but you would never have known because she wanted the day to be about my sister and not her, even if she had gone into the bathroom to be sick three times during the course of the shower.  she didn't tell us that she was sick until it was over. she is incredible at putting others first and being selfless.  and i don't think that is just selflessness, it's maturity.  not putting the attention on yourself when you have a good reason to is maturity, and she has done this gracefully more times than i can count. 

//her love of babies. she knows exactly how to calm a screaming baby.  when my mom is out and about and runs into a baby, the kids will just start smiling at her.  she has this way about her that just makes babies feel safe and calm.  i love watching her with her grandkids, they are completely obsessed with her (with good reason!) my nephew, eli, follows her around when she is in town and if he isn't next to her he asks "where's ama?" ("ama" means mother in basque, the native language of our foreign exchange student who lived with us a few years ago.  he is like a brother to us and he started calling her "ama" and the grandkids have called her that ever since).  i must admit, i do get a little jealous when all they want is ama and not aunt lauren, but i don't blame them. 

//her resilience.  my mama does not get down for long.  i absolutely love this about her and strive to adopt this principle.  i mentioned her strength, but its more than that.  when awful things happen, she doesn't let it destroy her or keep her down.  she keeps her head high and goes on with life.  i admire this about her so much.  

^^us at my wedding^^

i could go on and on, but i won't, i'll keep it short.  i am the luckiest to have her as my mama and i am so grateful for her. she is my friend and is so much fun to hang out with.  she gave me her love of sugar, nurturing soul, love of babies, and so much more. i will forever be grateful that she is my mama.

happy mother's day!

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