Lot 48: my first time - #totalsocial

May 15, 2014

my first time - #totalsocial

Helene in Between
you know how i love a good link up, and so i was so excited when helene and sarah announced this fun topic for their new #totalsocial series!! and so! without further ado, let me tell you about....

my first (and only) time breaking into a house

we all remember that time when we were young.  the time when when you and your friends would run around the neighborhood doorbell ditching.  it was the go to activity when you were young!!  right??

well one day, my friend and i went around my neighborhood for the upteenth time to doorbell ditch. (i wonder how much my neighbors hated me??) we got to a house that was very close to mine.  we rang the doorbell and ran to the other side of the house to hide. 


as we were "hiding" (really just hiding in plain sight for anyone who was walking by, but not to the person who answered the door) the residents of the house started driving down the street!! we were hiding near the garage, and they were about to turn the corner and see us!! so what did we do??

with our very intellectual 12 year old minds, we hid in the garage. of course! because that is where you hide when you doorbell ditch someone and they pull into the garage.  we booked it into the portion of the garage that had bikes and storage and ducked down behind some boxes.  we were giggling hysterically, but it was that quiet giggle because we didn't want to get caught.  i mean, of course i was stoic and calm and wasn't giggling even a little bit because i'm calm under pressure like that, but my friend just could not keep it together.  

the guy got out of his car and then  closed the garage door!  how were we supposed to get out?!?! i think at this point i should probably tell you that the garage we were in was the garage of my mom's very good friend who was very nice and would have understood that we were stupid tweens and that our doorbell ditching had gotten out of hand.  but my mom would have been mad, and the woman would have been at least a little annoyed at us, and we were determined to get out of this situation! 

the guy (i think it was the lady's adult son) suspected someone was in the garage though, because he came back into the garage after going into the house. we froze. he stood there in the doorway, looking around with suspecting eyes. we didn't even breath.  he knew we were there!! after about a minute, he went back inside. 

now we had to focus on how to escape.  we realized we were hiding near a window.  thankfully, the window was made to open, but it had a screen.  let me tell you, it is very complicated to take a screen off a window quietly.  we did it very, very slowly to be as quiet to possible.  the son could come back!! once we got the screen off, we opened the window and climbed out. but! they would notice that the screen to the window was suddenly off! luckily, even at that age, i was convinced i was going to be some sort of assassin or maybe had just watched too many spy movies, because i had the brilliant idea to sneakily put the screen back (difficult to do from the outside of the house) and shut the window behind us. then we ran as fast as we ever had run back to my house.  and to this day, the woman still doesn't know that this happened. (or she does and is nice enough to not give me a hard time about it.)

and that is my story of the first AND LAST time i broke into a house.  

ps. that woman helped throw my bridal shower. she also gave me two wedding presents. 
okay, now i feel guilty. 


  1. It sounds like you didn't break IN so much as break OUT.

    Funny story!!

    1. Hahaha you're right, I guess we broke in!!! I'm glad you liked the story. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Bahaha! This is a great story. We've all had similar dumb experiences like that, but yours is hysterical. :)


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