Lot 48: my business trip

May 6, 2014

my business trip

as you know, i went on a business trip last week.  so lets talk about it.

this business trip really stretched me, but not in the ways i expected. i thought i would miss my husband terribly, i thought time would pass slowly. i thought I would feel anxious. but. none of those things happened. of course i missed my husband, obviously i did. but it wasn't the heart wrenching unbearable kind of missing him i have experienced in the past.

the trip was really exhausting. really really exhausting. the venue of the conference was very large and i did more walking than i thought i would. i have so many blisters. i got a pair of shoes right before i left (stupid) and so naturally, they have me several blisters. i also realized I had an infection while i was there, so that was fun (it wasn't a dramatic infection, people get it all the time.)

my job while there was to walk up to strangers and interview them on video about how they were liking the conference and a few other questions. i am not a shy person by any means, but this pushed me more than i thought it would. it wasn't that i got nervous, it's just that it was emotionally exhausting. for 4 days, i walked up to strangers and just start talking to them.  it got really old really fast.

my husband arrived at 2 am thursday morning and I guess when he came into our room and woke me to tell me he was there like i had asked, i just stared at him and said "go to sleep" and then just layed back down. i remember none of this. 

i had some time with him that night and we went to the really fun pool at the resort
 It was the first time I had relaxed the entire time and it was bliss.

The frustrating thing about being on a business trip in Disney World is there are so many fun things to do but you can't!! because you're working!! and it's torture!!  but luckily, on friday, the conference ended early afternoon and i booked it to hollywood studios to spend a few precious hours there before we had to go home the next morning.
i guess the week i was in orlando was a record breaking rainy week for the season or something unfair like that. we had several events that were supposed to be outdoors that we had to reschedule to indoors so people didn't get soaked.  and to put the icing on the cake, the day that i went to hollywood studios, my only day at the parks, was the day that it rained all day long.  the other days it started pouring in the evening. but no, the day we went we were soaked.  i wore probably the worst shoes possible for a rainy day as they were these cute new oxford shoes that had holes everywhere. my feet were soaked to the bone and i had so many blisters from walking all week and therefore had several bandaids on, but the band-aids wouldn't stay on because my feet were so wet.  this resulted in me being kind of crabby and miserable. but then i fought it off because this was a time to make memories! my husband was with me! we were in disney world! stop complaining! after my husband had the idea to go to first aid to get the really good band-aids, i had reached a point where i could shake my crabbiness off and be smiley for our fun day. by about 7 pm, i kind of snapped and my feet were practically bleeding and i just said "i can't do this anymore. you can stay. i'm going home." hubs had been there all day so he had gotten his disney fix, but i felt bad for how the day had turned out.

wow. was this a long post or what? i was just so happy to be home when my plane touched down on saturday. and i sat next to the cutest 2 year old and we became best friends. i read books to him, we played with stickers and talked about animals. his mom was so sweet and the little boy was so so so cute and so well behaved and i had so much fun playing with him for that 4 1/2 hour plane ride. so that was a good ending to the trip.


  1. I'm glad your trip was good! I would be so freaked out to talk to that many strangers. I'm not shy either, but that does sound really draining. I bet that mom on the flight back was loving you! :)

  2. I’m glad your trip went well! And that cracked me up about your husband coming in at 2 a.m. and you telling him to “go to sleep” but totally not remembering. I do that all. the. time. Andy will come to bed a little bit after me, and then I hear all about our conversation the next morning, and I never remember any of it!


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