Lot 48: my birthday is coming up

May 9, 2014

my birthday is coming up

my birthday is coming up. i will be 24 years old on may 29.  my husband asked me the other day that i need to start putting together a list of things i want. and you know what happened? i couldn't think of anything i want! which i think is kind of an amazing thing.

i feel really pleased with where i am in my life and i am happy to welcome age 24. i am really glad that i am not having a moment where i think to myself  "my life isn't turning out how i thought. i'm not where i thought i would be at 24." i have exceeded my expectations of where i would be at 24! and it feels great and i just feel really lucky.

its true that i have done a lot in my life. i have graduated college, lived in London, gone to Rome with friends, lived in Los Angeles, pursed a career as a comedy writer in LA, lived on my own without parental supervision, traveled to other countries with friends and of course, got married. only adults get married. usually. 

i realized recently that i really like who i am.  i haven't been able to say that in a while. and i just feel really, really accomplished and really happy that i like who i am.  the credit completely goes to my husband. i have grown so much in the past year, i have become a person i have always wanted to be.  and it is because of him and my amazing family.  marriage has taught me so many things already and has already made me a better person in the 3 short months that i have been married.  i am so grateful for my hubby and for how absolutely amazing he is and how he treats me and how he is there for me and i could go on and on. it is just a really good time to have a birthday.  it is a really good time to be alive.

but! lets not pass up an opportunity to get a present! so i thought really hard and this is what i have come up with! husband! read this post!

//a sonnet james dress.  it doesn't necessarily have to be this one, and i know they are marketed for moms, but i really don't care. i love long dresses like this and they are cute and look comfy and i want one.
//go on a treasure hunt.  you were probably thinking "who is that old guy??" well i found something amazing the other day. there is a treasure hunt company that sends you on this magical treasure hunt in the city and they send you all kinds of clues and such and it would be so much fun!! lets do it.
//this gold necklace.  i am allowed to post something that is completely out of anybody's price range just for fun, right? it's just so pretty!
//a pink kitchen aid.  now that i think about it, i want a red one. we all know i love red.  a red kitchen aid. i don't like cooking, but i do love baking.  that i enjoy.
//a shellac manicure.  i wanted to get one for my business trip, but i chose a pedicure instead. when i mentioned shellac, my husband said "whats shellac." i love love shellac manicures and i want one.

i would also love an office space and a macbook. sooo.. lets move into a two bedroom apartment with a huge gift card to wherever so i can decorate the office space all cute, and find $2000 somewhere for the macbook! yeah? cool. thanks hubs!

ps. it's my oldest sister's birthday today! the big 3-0! so happy birthday to you! i love you! and i cannot WAIT for you to move here! see you at the end of the month!

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  1. Um this is kind of funny, but you are exactly 364 days older than me. I'll be turning 23 on the 28th. :)

    These are fun gift ideas! I'm pretty sure for my birthday I want my husband to get my sewing machine tuned up. I think that might be it. :) Nope, just kidding. Flowers. I want flowers too. That's it. :)


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