Lot 48: lets talk about gilmore girls

May 20, 2014

lets talk about gilmore girls

now let me tell you what i used to be obsessed with.

in high school, i had an unhealthy obsession with gilmore girls.  i don't think i can accurately explain how obsessed i was.  let me just say, don't ever try to quote it or compete with me on who knows the show better.  because i will win.  

now let's talk boyfriends. not my boyfriends. although this  was definitely my reaction when my first boyfriend told me he loved me.

who was your favorite boyfriend of lorelai's?  do we even need to discuss this?? it is obviously luke.  duh.  is this even a discussion? i maaaay have made him bigger than the other boyfriends. i mean with the awning thing for her wedding! and the ice skating rink!  and the flannel shirts! and the boat! and how nice he is to his crazy sister! and allllll the things.

what about rory's boyfriends? who was your favorite? this one is kind of tough, because they were all kind of jerks. but, i'm going to say, logan.  (gasp!!! shock!) come on guys, we don't have a lot of good options.  i liked logan because he was nice to her. he supported her. he tried to protect her from his insane father.  he was a better man with her.  he was fun.  he was intellectually on the same level as her (well, i guess jess was too. but he was lazy).  dean was clingy and stupid and annoying. jess was well, we all know what jess was. things that i really shouldn't say if i want to remain a lady. (but daaaaaaang was he fine).  

i could try to explain to you what gilmore girls means to me, but i don't think there are words in the english language to properly explain. but these characters have in the lowest and darkest parts of my life, been my best friends and kept me company and helped me through tough times. i will forever be a gilmore girl. 

alright.  enough with the sappiness.  let's just enjoy some gilmore gifs. because gilmore girls + gifs = happiness.


and now. honestly and truly, and i am ashamed to admit, that my knowledge of kate spade is entirely based upon this.

but!! i DO know that she makes pretty things. and i like pretty things. so let's win a gift card so we can get pretty things. i am so excited to be part of this amazing giveaway with Jana from Life Could Be a Dream!
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Good luck my darlings!! Oy with the poodles already!!

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  1. Good old Gilmore Girls! I used to watch it at my friend's house after school. We had a relationship a lot like Sookie and Lorelai, so it was so funny to watch the two of them interact.

  2. I LOVE that you used Gilmore Girls to lead into your Kate Spade giveaway! I used to be Gilmore Girls obsessed as well... in fact no matter what if I am scrolling through the TV menu and see that it is on, you know what I am watching. Used to be my go-to show to procrastinate in college as well. They just don't make TV shows like this anymore!

  3. LOGAN?! Jess all the way... :)

  4. Totally unrelated, but you're a no-reply blogger so I can't email you back after the comments you left on my posts. :( (If you need help with that, email me). Just so you know I'm following you all over social media now! I love your blog!

  5. Hahaha, and we talked about Gilmore Girls tonight. Maybe we'll have to have a marathon together ;) I definitely was ok with gifs in this post, I mean, they're Gilmore Girls... And I'm with you on the men. Luke and Logan for sure. Logan was kind of a jerk, but most of the time he was great and he and Rory were so perfect for each other!!!


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