Lot 48: just let me brag a little

May 13, 2014

just let me brag a little

the day i got back from my business trip, my sisters hosted a dual birthday party for my niece and nephew.  they are 4 days apart in age, with my niece being born on may 1 and my nephew being born on may 5.  i see a lot of dual birthday parties in their future. 

it was the babies' second birthday, which i really can't believe because i swear we were celebrating their 1st birthday two seconds ago.

^^i have always wanted to pose like this with my creme blush on, so thanks for indulging me.  right: me and the birthday girl^^

oliver got a rad excavator, which he was so excited about he just did not know what to do with himself.  he opened the present and then literally started jumping up and down and kicking his legs everywhere in excitement. he just couldn't contain himself.  he hasn't let his excavator out of his sight since, even taking it to bed with him. #adorable.

the party was fireman themed and was hosted at a fire station. the kids got to sit in the firetruck, wear hats, learn about fire trucks and even watch the fireman slide down the pole (!!!) pretty much every kid's dream. the kids had so much fun!!!

^^oliver high-fiving taran as we went into the fire station.  looks like a freakishly big hand, right?^^

 ^^avery with pop pop^^

 avery got a really big present, a kitchen!! it reminded me of the little play kitchen my sisters and i had when we were little. but this is much nicer. so many upgrades!! 

if you follow me on instagram, you know that i have been talking about how obsessed avery is with my husband.  well at the party, she was playing when all of a sudden she exclaimed, "taran!" because he wasn't paying attention to her.  she then pointed to a spot on the ground, said "sit" and then proceeded to hand him dishes and talk in a nonsense language that only her mama can understand. of course, it melted me into a big puddle of gooey aunt-wife love.

oliver had really been ignoring me the entire party and i was pretty sad about it. his big brother, eli, was really ignoring me and acting too cool to hang out with me and when i sat next to him, he ran away.  sigh.  but once the party ended and we were cleaning up, the kids started demanding that taran chase them around.  that is main job with the kids, you see.  (at least they think so).  i was wearing heels and not running so i was standing there when ollie came over to me and said "take you!"  it took me a couple times of him repeating until i understood what he wanted.  he wanted me to take him somewhere!! yay! finally! he wanted to play with me! 

i scooped him up (with him clinging to his excavator, of course) and asked him where we were going. he pointed and said "this way!" and off we went! we would reach a dead end in walking and then i would ask again and he would point somewhere new.  we sang, we bounced, we talked about his excavator, and he even let me tickle him and get a few sweet giggles out of him (along with a few kisses he let me get away with!)!! it was definitely an aunt win. 

^^doesn't this look like an engagement photo? awkward. engaged cousins. hahah.^^

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