Lot 48: i confess...

May 14, 2014

i confess...


i confess.....

1. i worked out for the first time in a month yesterday.  it was starting to really, really bother me that i hadn't exercised in so long. it really wasn't in my control that i hadn't done it in so long because i have literally been sick for six weeks.  six different sicknesses in six weeks. it has been a rough month.  (my ER visit turned out to be close to $6,000 DOLLARS. can you believe that? thank GOODNESS for insurance, which paid 90% of it. #thanksobama) when i exercised, i was really annoyed, but not surprised, with how out of shape i was.  when i lost 16 pounds over the winter, i was exercising constantly and was in really good shape. i miss being in that good of shape!

2.  all of my sisters and their husbands are super active and like to run 5ks and mountain bike and rock climb and all kinds of active stuff (my brother in law did a triathalon on saturday). and i just look at taran and say "wanna watch tv??"

3. i drove last night without contacts or glasses. i got off an exit early because i couldn't see anything. #safe.

4. i watched "what to expect when you're expecting" last night. its just so entertaining and funny and i just love it so much.  and taran watched it with me and it just made me really, really happy.

5.  its 45 degrees outside so i am still dressing like its dead of winter because i have no warmth in my blood and i get cold when it's 80 degrees out.  and i wear sweaters at work and turn my little space heater on and its just oh so very weird and everybody makes fun of me.

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  1. Oh yikes! That's such a bummer that you were sick for so long! I know what that's like, especially in being kept away from the gym because of it. But for me, it's usually Joshua that gets sick, so I can't go to the gym because they won't take sick kids at the daycare, and then he gets better but I caught what he had so I STILL can't go to the gym. It's a vicious cycle. Glad you're feeling better! :)

    1. It's always something isn't it?? So many excuses to not go to the gym. That's why I like those HIIT cardio videos on YouTube. They are killer!!

  2. I"m glad you're feeling better! I hate exercising after taking a long break too, it always just depresses me, but once I'm back in it i feel better! I live in Arizona, so 45 degrees is as cold as it ever gets here and trust me I HATE the cold, so I bundle up like crazy!

    1. I am so glad that I am not the only one who gets cold easily!! Thanks for stopping by!!


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