Lot 48: i confess (again)

May 21, 2014

i confess (again)

Vodka and Soda

i confess....

//that i have never had one drop of coffee in my life.  it doesn't smell appealing to me, it just reminds me of my grandma.  she was the only one in our family who drank it, so whenever she came to visit, i would wake up to the smell and i would know grandma was here! the smell brings back good memories.

//i have always thought of ashton kutcher as a good actor, but a good actor for comedy.  so i was very pleasantly surprised when i watched  jOBS and saw how incredibly excellent kutcher was at the role. but he will forever have my heart as the guy from what happens in vegas.  

//every single weekday day some days, i am like "i have to go to work again?? are you sure? i think you're mistaken. i was just there. but alas, this is one of the worst drawbacks to being an adult.  i just want to watch tv, read, and lay by the pool. its summer now. come on. you shouldn't have to work in the summer! hmmmm.. maybe teachers have it right.

//i am just so. freaking. giddy. that my sister will be here on FRIDAY!! she and i haven't lived in the same city since i was 12, since she moved away to college. she will only live here for a year, so  i am going to spend every free second with her and the babies to get as much time with them as i possibly can while they're here. 

//i wish i was funnier. i look at juliette and lindsay and think, how can you be so consistently funny in every single post you write? my husband thinks i'm funny, my mom thinks i'm funny, but i think they're biased.

//i also want to put more gifs in my posts because they are funny and make people happy but i don't have the time to scroll through tumblr and find good gifs. i want to. but...... i have a handsome man to cuddle with.

linking up with kat! what are you wednesday confessions?


  1. strange right? you blink and the weekend is over. when it's the work week, you blink and only half a second passed haha!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I try to use gifs too cause I think they're funny but I start scrolling through them and an hour later I still haven't found one I want to use. It's like a blak hole of gifs and you just get lost in them! Haha

  3. I feel the same way when I read posts from bloggers with a really excellent wit and sense of humor. I'm like, gosh dangit, why am I not that funny? I guess the funny people need an audience, and that's why us non-funny people exist. :)

  4. That's exciting that your sister is coming. Enjoy your time with her!

    And I'm with you on the funny thing. I wish I was REALLY funny. Instead of just funny.


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