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May 5, 2014

i am so honored

i am so excited!! i have been nominated for a Liebster Award by Kiersten from Chasing Extraordinary! [update as of 6/3/14 i have also been nominated by Elizabeth from Always a Jersey Girl At Heart!]

The Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers.  the way it works is i answer the 10 questions Kiersten asked me, i nominate 10 bloggers, and give them 10 questions to answer! how fun!  first, let's answer the questions Kiersten asked me.

//what made you decide to start blogging? I always liked to write and I thought it would be a fun space to do so.  Also… everyone else was doing it. Ha!

//what do you write about the most? I really like to write in the style of A Cup Of Jo.  I like that magazine writing style, so I like asking a question and writing an essay about it and getting a discussion going or just writing about random thoughts in my head or things I think about.  The posts that are my least favorite to write are actually recaps of something exciting I have done. It is a lot of work with re-sizing the photos, choosing photos, editing the photos and trying to write the content recap in a way that is interesting and doesn’t snooze everyone to sleep.

//what is your favorite hobby?? Blogging! I really had no idea how much I would love blogging. It kind of came into  my life when I needed it most and helped me maintain my sanity through some hard times. I really really love it and I love the community!

//what is something you completely obsess over? Difficult things.  If I am having to make a difficult decision, I obsess over it. It is all I think about. It consumes my thoughts I kind of drown.  That is when I try with all my might to make a choice to be happy and rise above the grey and find the yellow.

//what makes your blog different?  That is the difficult question isn’t it? You want your blog to be different and stand out, but I think there are very few ways in which my blog does.  I don’t do giveaways because I really don’t like them (I never win anything! I never read a blogger’s post if it is a giveaway, I skip!) and I don’t do fashion posts because I have no sense of style and I don’t post recipes because I hate cooking!! So…. I guess that is a way I’m different. I just like to have a conversation with my readers.  I always skip fashion posts as well.

//what is your favorite thing about blogging? I  wrote an entire post about why I love blogging but one thing? The community. It is such an amazing community of support and creativity.

//what do you think is the hardest about blogging? Getting followers.  I have advertised in several places and haven’t been able to break 20 followers in the past four months that I have been seriously blogging.  I also think that is because I didn’t get a blog design until recently.  Also, I don’t like how much time editing my photos takes. That isn’t fun. I would rather be with my husband.

//what is one place in the world you most want to travel?  Greece.  What I have seen in pictures looks absolutely amazing and I love greek food, so I think we would all get along quite well.  My husband and I have a bucket list of places we want to travel.  Im sure we will make it there.

I nominate:
Tarreyn from tarreynland
Melissa from Making Melissa
MacKensie from One To Nothin
Lindsay from Wife In Training
Rachel from Tossing the Script
Carissa from T is for Townsend
Kylie from KylieGwen
Catie from Books, Beauty and Bars
Sara from Bristol In My Pocket
Rachel from Raves and Revelations
I really do love each of every one of these ladies' blogs and am so excited i get to nominate them!

//What is the one thing that can cheer you up no matter what?
//What makes you the most crabby, no sleep, no food or it being too hot/cold?
//If you had to pick one thing on your bucket list to do, what would it be?
//Whats your guilty pleasure?
//Is there any fad that you just don’t understand?? (ie. whole30, kale, chevron prints, etc)
//What is your favorite thing about blogging?
//If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?
//What is something you dislike about blogging?
//Whats your favorite season?
//What do you do to recharge your batteries?

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  1. Thanks Lauren for the blog love! Can't wait to put this together! =)


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