Lot 48: honey roast yourself

May 7, 2014

honey roast yourself

The Other Juliette
have i mentioned how i just love linkups? well i thought this linkup was quite brilliant.  
i am very guilty of being really, really cruel to myself.  i have been working on it, but sometimes i find myself beating myself up over something or listening to the little voice in my ear that tells me i am not enough. so i am really excited to do this linkup to practice being nice to myself.

//i am very sympathetic.  if someone i love is going through something hard, i think about them constantly, i pray for them constantly, i feel like i am bearing their burdens with them.  i lose sleep, i pray for how i can help them, i do everything i can think of to make it better for them.  

//i try to not let things get me down.  my mom is my role model.  she is the person that i look up to. when something is bothering me, i think of my mom and how she always keeps going with her head held high even if she has every reason to crawl into bed and cry.  i wouldn't have this skill if it weren't for her.  i smile when i don't feel like it, i try to stay positive when it feels like there are dark clouds above my head, i really, really try. and it's all because of my mom.  that is a gift she has given me.

//i am a good aunt.  i never thought it possible to love my nieces and nephews as much as i do.  i like how good i am with them. i like how good i am with kids.  i think i will be a good mom someday because i have had a lot of practice (thanks sisters, for having so many kids for me to practice with!) i really can't wait to be a mom.

//i am selfless.  everyday, i think "how can i make taran's life easier? how can i make him happier? what can i do for him? i try to take a load off his shoulders, encourage him, do the dishes, and always put him first.  i try to do that with everyone i love in my life.  i make sacrifices for the ones i love in order to serve them. and i like that about me.

linking up with juliette.  thanks for the great idea!!

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