Lot 48: hey it's my birthday!

May 29, 2014

hey it's my birthday!

today is my 24th birthday.  i feel like i should write a post about how i feel about turning 24 and deep thoughts on life, but i kind of already did and also, i don't want to. i would rather just say. hey. i'm 24 and i feel good about it. so let me just give you a (hopefully) humorous list of things i have learned in my 24 years of life and be done with it.

^^blowing out a candle on my 21st birthday cake.  this was when i was on my study abroad in london.^^

  • when your roommate suggests you go to a halloween party as retro ice dancers, you go dressed just as that.  while there, be sure to dance as crazy as possible. 5+ guys will ask for your number.
  • you will have flashbacks to your dating days when you tell your nephew you love him and he says "oh." 
  • read guidebooks on london beforehand so you know where the red light district is so you can avoid it at all costs and not get scarred for life.
  • when visiting a beach in italy, expect to see a whole lotta junk from a whole lotta old dudes. speedos are very popular there. 
  • also be prepared to see lots of old lady boobs because nobody wears tops on the beach in italy.
  • don't let the fact that you got dumped by your first boyfriend on your birthday ruin all birthdays. you will have many happy birthdays in your life that will make up for it.
  • anything in life can be fixed by a kiss and a cuddle from a squishy baby
and that's all i got! i could tell you all deep and meaningful things i have learned in life as i mentioned, but who wants to hear that. i'm sure i will be recapping this birthday by telling you all about the sweet and lovely things my husband is sure to do for me today. (right, hubs?)

and hey, if you wanna see how awkward i was as a kid, click here.

its my birthday. time to party.


  1. Happy birthday Lauren!!! Hope your day is filled with lots of trashy tabloids and donuts! <3

  2. Happy birthday to you!!! These are definitely valuable life lessons. Thanks for sharing your wisdom ;)

  3. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Those are definitely some life lessons that everyone needs to know!

  4. Happy birthday!!! That list is fabulous and totally made me laugh!

  5. Happy belated birthday! I love that we both had blonde stages! Also I can't believe you were dumped on your birthday! What a douche! x

  6. Um, you make me feel old! Also I dumped my first boyfriend on my birthday so I feel you there but because of it, I started a lifelong friendship with a girlfriend. So I guess it wasn't all bad!


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