Lot 48: hey it's been three months

May 8, 2014

hey it's been three months

today i have been married for three months! can you believe it? its very exciting. these past three months have been incredible.  taran, i love you more than i ever thought possible. you are my soulmate, my other half, my bff, my main squeeze and i can't wait for another 299300494500562834821 more anniversaries. thanks for marrying me and making me the happiest girl alive. i really, really, really, really love you.

ps. i literally JUST got my wedding pictures back. lets not go into the drama of that because then i'll just start crying because it was such a long frustrating and lets-pull-my-hair-out road to get my wedding pictures. ridic.

i am in love with this picutre. my mom's best friend had a daughter get married last february and had the genius idea to get me a clear umbrella so it wouldn't clash with anything but i wouldn't get dumped on.

in case you are confused as to why there aren't pictures of the wedding ceremony, i am lds (mormon) and we were married in our temple.  you can't take pictures in the temple. you can read my better explanation here.

i really, really love this picture

picture with our parents

is he a stud or what??

my brother in law sang a song for us at our ring ceremony and my nephew was very interested in the guitar.

i sang "to make you feel my love" for my vows at the ring ceremony


 parents & grandparents picture

awkward picture #1.  doesn't taran look like scott disick in this picture? and it looks like we have a 2 month old baby? (its our nephew levi)

my baby girls! nieces!

 this was the part of the day when the kids were totally falling apart and were getting really tired so we couldn't get a family picture with everybody, but here is most of my family! (my brohther in law and two nephews are missing)

 mom and dad. their 31st wedding anniversary was yesterday!!

 my daddy really is my best friend.

taran and his best man, blake


  1. Your pictures are AMAZING! That one with the snow is STUNNING!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am really in love with these pictures!!

  2. Um, your dress is INCREDIBLE. You look lovely. Also, I love the song you chose to sang! It's a favorite. :)

  3. You are such a gorgeous bride. Which temple is that?

  4. !!! I have chills - holy moly, lady- you were absolutely stunning!!! Your parents are so adorable. And I'm dying laughing over Taran resembling Scott Disick in the picture with the baby hahahha. Totally!! You two make a beautiful couple!

  5. You are just gorgeous and glowing!!! I love the pictures with you guys kissing and the wedding party sneaking around the corner!!


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