Lot 48: five on friday

May 23, 2014

five on friday

hey!!! hey hey HEYYYYY!!! it is FRIIDAYYYYYYY!! let us all rejoice. because it is not only friday, but it is now the long weekend!! what are your plans for the weekend? as i might have mentioned, my sister is moving here today!! i cannot WAIT to see her and the littles and look forward to spending this year bonding, laughing, playing with her sweet babies and getting some good quality time that we haven't gotten in years.  i am so excited!! if you need me, i will constantly be at her house for the next year.

alright! lets do this!

1. i had my first blate (blogger date) yesterday and it was so much fun!  i met with bonnie and aubrey and they were as nice, sweet and genuine as i imagined. i learned so much about blogging from talking with them! can't wait to share more details next week.

2. the lot next to my building at work is doing a huge demolition and completely tore down the building next to ours.  all day long, my desk shakes. my computer shakes, my chair shakes, all of it. the demolition is so intense, it just makes everything shake. but not cool shaking like this:

3. i asked my husband to please get me chapstick the other day, and he offered me his. i said "no, i want the one in my purse. you always take your chapstick back after i use it so then i don't have one."  he started  laughing and he said "that's because you always steal mine! so i'm trying to protect my chapstick!" so there's that.....

4. so since we are all together as a family now i thought we would be doing something together on memorial day, right? nope. my sister's response when i asked her why this was the case: "well mom and dad will be gone by evening, so........" my response: "what, we can't party without the parents? we don't need them to party!!" her response: "oh."

5. as some of you might know, i am a big sister in the big brother big sister program.  the requirement is to do your "match" with your little for at least a year. my year mark is the second week of june, and i made the difficult decision to close the match.  my little and i have only two more activities before it ends and i am pretty sad about it.  i have learned so much from my 13 year old "little sister".  but never fear! we will still see each other!!


 ps. a song for your weekend. because AIN'T THIS TRUE.

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