Lot 48: doubt & devotion: the afterlife

May 25, 2014

doubt & devotion: the afterlife

Mr. Thomas & Me
i have been waiting to join amber's doubt & devotion link up for a while now.  each sunday, amber at "mr. thomas and me" shares thoughts about her faith.

i never met my grandmother, my dad's mother.  she died more than a decade before i was born.  all i know of her is stories my dad has told me and pictures that i have seen.  even though i have never met her, i feel so close to her.  i feel her presence often.  as a mormon, i believe that death is not the end, and that families can be together forever and will not be parted by death. as i mentioned in this wedding post, my husband and i will not be parted by death.  we are married for all eternity and will be married in the afterlife as well as on earth.  

my dad always tells me that i get my love of dancing and performing from my grandmother.  she owned a ballroom dance studio and was so full of life.  i miss her and think of her often.  i feel like i know her.  she has been such an example to me throughout my life.  there have been many times in my life when i have been in a difficult situation and have thought about what she would do.  i try to follow her example and i strive to be like her.

my grandpa, her husband, was equally special.  he was schizophrenic but all the memories i have of him are warm, happy memories.  he looked exactly like my dad and his eyes were light, cool pool of blue that were so warm at the same time.  he adored my mom.  he called her "honey girl" and she took such good care of him.  my grandpa had some extreme ideas about the word of wisdom {if you click on the link, scroll down and open "word of wisdom."} and was therefore, very very very skinny.  he really didn't eat much and what he did eat, he brought to our house in ziploc bags and would measure his grains in measuring cups.  every time he visited, my mom would bake the most fattening treats and meals she could think of, to try to give him some good nutrition and to fatten him up.  he was stubborn (just like me and my dad) and wouldn't eat the brownies, cookies, treats that she made.  she would leave them out on the counter, sneak away from the kitchen, and watch from afar as he "snuck" some treats. she would also stuff the treats in his suitcase when he wasn't looking. 

my grandpa was a very optimistic person and lived by the motto "life is something good".  i have been thinking about my grandparents a lot lately and my heart aches for my dad who misses them daily.  as i have been brainstorming with ideas of how to decorate my desk at work as well as our home, i decided that i wanted a sign of my grandpa's motto to hang.  so i asked the wonderful lauren with 34 magnolia street to create a sign for me.  she did a great job and i really love the way it turned out.

i am so grateful that i have the knowledge that i will see my grandparents again.  i am so grateful that i know that death is not the end, and that i will get to meet my grandmother some day.  i cannot wait.  i have always believed that my grandmother is my guardian angel and i KNOW that she has protected me more times than i can count.  i know that she is taking care of my future children right now, i know that she took care of my nieces and nephews before they came to us and i know that i created this close relationship with her before i came to earth.  that thought brings me such joy. 

my dad is an amazing songwriter and has had a band for several years. he wrote a song called "life is something good" after my grandpa died.  i wish i could play it for you, but because its not on grooveshark or whatever, i don't know how to put it here. so i will just share some of the lyrics with you:

no one could have shown me like you 
that life has something good,
life holds something dear, 
life is something good

i love my grandparents. and i can't wait to see them again. 

ps. i do hope that i didn't offend anyone by this post and sharing my beliefs on the afterlife.  even if you aren't religious, i appreciate you reading this post. 

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  1. Oh girl where have I been to have missed this all this time?!?!

    There's something so glorious in thinking there will be a reunion one day that's far greater than any thing we might know here and now. I think of my favorite parties with all the friends and family and dancing that happens with SO MUCH MORE and then I get all giddy excited. :)


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