Lot 48: another boy behind the blog

May 16, 2014

another boy behind the blog

i love these "boy behind the blog" posts!! they are so much fun! i am sad that this is the last one. thanks to mallory for hosting!
so let's interview my husband.

Mal Smiles
1. what was your first job?
bagger at Reams, a grocery store.

2. what's the biggest risk you've ever taken?
student loans.  I have taken out a lot of money! At least it feels like a lot of money!

3. what is the one thing you can't live without?
T: You. {i promise i didn't tell him to say that!!} 
Me: Say something else. 
T: My phone because if i didn't have it you wouldn't be able to text me.

4. what is your least favourite food?
Coconut and pretzels. 

5.  if you could time travel, where/when would you go?
i think i would want to time travel back to talk to really smart people like albert einstein or james e talmage or nikola tesla.

thanks for answering all my questions, hubby!!
have a great weekend, everyone!!

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  1. What kind of person doesn't like pretzels?! Did you know this before you married him?! RED FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;P


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