Lot 48: May 2014

May 29, 2014

hey it's my birthday!

today is my 24th birthday.  i feel like i should write a post about how i feel about turning 24 and deep thoughts on life, but i kind of already did and also, i don't want to. i would rather just say. hey. i'm 24 and i feel good about it. so let me just give you a (hopefully) humorous list of things i have learned in my 24 years of life and be done with it.

^^blowing out a candle on my 21st birthday cake.  this was when i was on my study abroad in london.^^

  • when your roommate suggests you go to a halloween party as retro ice dancers, you go dressed just as that.  while there, be sure to dance as crazy as possible. 5+ guys will ask for your number.
  • you will have flashbacks to your dating days when you tell your nephew you love him and he says "oh." 
  • read guidebooks on london beforehand so you know where the red light district is so you can avoid it at all costs and not get scarred for life.
  • when visiting a beach in italy, expect to see a whole lotta junk from a whole lotta old dudes. speedos are very popular there. 
  • also be prepared to see lots of old lady boobs because nobody wears tops on the beach in italy.
  • don't let the fact that you got dumped by your first boyfriend on your birthday ruin all birthdays. you will have many happy birthdays in your life that will make up for it.
  • anything in life can be fixed by a kiss and a cuddle from a squishy baby
and that's all i got! i could tell you all deep and meaningful things i have learned in life as i mentioned, but who wants to hear that. i'm sure i will be recapping this birthday by telling you all about the sweet and lovely things my husband is sure to do for me today. (right, hubs?)

and hey, if you wanna see how awkward i was as a kid, click here.

its my birthday. time to party.

May 28, 2014

it's time!!

guys. it's time. the time is here. its today. its happening. 
after 18 months of serving an lds mission in taiwan, my best friend patrisha is coming home today!!!! 
and this is how i feel about it.
the past year and a half has been hard.  i feel like she has been gone for 10 years.  getting married without her with me has been particularly rough.  before taran came along, patrisha was my other half.  she knows what i'm thinking. i can say "oh that dude! from that one thing!" and she says, "yes!! man, he was hot." we are inseparable.  i call her mom "mom", i have spent countless hours at her house, almost every fun memory that i have she was with me.
missions are hard.  not just for the missionary, but for  those they left behind.  you can't skype everyday or talk on the phone.  missionaries are only allowed to talk to their families on mother's day and christmas day.  you can email a missionary, but each missionary only gets 30 minutes of computer time a week, so it can't be a long email. you can write them letters, snail mail letters, but with patrisha all the way in taiwan, our letters took at least two weeks to get to each other.  so i would write something that was going on, she would write back and i would say "oh, that was forever ago, i forgot about that." 
i have  stayed up late on sunday nights this past 18 months because that is when she had her computer time. that way, we could email back and forth a little bit and have an actual conversation.  it has been hard as she missed my wedding and i wasn't there to comfort her when she was hit by a truck and her appendix exploded.  i still don't know what happened when she got hit by a truck. i still don't know the story. but i did get to skype with her when she was in the hospital for her appendix, (skype meaning her mom called me, put me on facetime and held the phone up to her computer so i could see her. technologyyyyyyy).  and she was allowed to call her family because it was a serious situation with her being in the hospital. 
why do missionaries have such strict rules, you may ask? they just don't want to get distracted.  they are to be completely 100% focused on the work of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  these rules prevent them from getting distracted.  there was a time when i was sharing too much about my engagement that patrisha asked me to stop talking about it.  it was too distracting for her. 
i'm a little worried that we will have changed so much in the past 18 months that we won't fit together and we won't be friends anymore. it's been a long time, we have both changed.  she has never even met my husband!! but we have decided we just need to patient with each to fall back into our groove. so that's what we will do.  
i will be heading home on friday to see her and expect a phone call from her tonight!!!!! i cannnot WAIT! exciting things!! if you need me, i will be re-enacting the gif above.

May 26, 2014

things you need to watching on neflix right now

happy memorial day everyone! i hope your day is filled with barbecuing, swimming, watermelon eating, and other summer-y things.

it is officially summer.  all the shows that we have been watching all year have ended. {insert sob face here.} so what are we supposed to watch while all our favorite shows are on hiatuses? watch netflix, of course!!! 
i have compiled a list of shows i really love that i hope you will too. and then a few that i haven't watched but i want to watch this summer. 

Shows you need to be  watching:

now, law and order: special victims unit (svu) has a lot of seasons. only half of them are on netflix so i haven't made my way through them all yet, but who doesn't love crime dramas? olivia is bad a** and i love her. i'm sad that stabler left the show. now he's doing some stupid show called "surviving jack"? whatever. he's a traitor. 

i have been seriously addicted to this show since my freshman year of college.  the plots are soooooo ridiculous. but i adore the characters. this is my go to show. i could spend hours (of course i haven't spent hours! i have a life! kind of.) watching this show. it is close to my heart. the last season sucked, mostly because nobody wants to see them struggle with the guilt and aftermath of... i won't spoil it for you. but it threw off the balance of everything. and the series finale?!??!?!?! broke my heart. broke it in two.

i think this is one of the most underrated shows on tv.  it has ended now, but luckily for you, all the seasons are on netflix! i am obsessed with this show as i have always been fascinated by assassins and wanted to be in the CIA for a while. i could tell you if i applied for the CIA, but then i'd have to kill you.

in  case you have been living under a rock or don't like awesome things, this show is about people in prison who were forced to become assassins for a secret division of the government (okay, i admit, that sounds kind of stupid but bear with me!)  it's a mercenary situation. and its awesome.  it gets kind of cheezy at times, but i don't care.  this is one of my favorite shows. there are a million things to love about it (guns, explosions, hand to hand combat fights and really pretty dresses and clothes). it's the BEST.

oh, house.  how i love you. you are very near and dear to my heart as well.  you are what i watched my freshman year of college when i didn't have any friends because i didn't know how to make friends. 
but really though, this so is so good.  honestly. stephanie just mentioned that she started watching it and i got so excited for her. and if you're thinking "great, another medical show." trust me, it's nothing like any other medical show. it is NOTHING like grey's anatomy (although i really love grey's anatomy but i can only take it in doses). you will not regret watching house and you will get sucked in. i think this is one of the best tv dramas in the history of television. woah. 

if you haven't watched this already, i'm not sure what's wrong with you??? granted, i still haven't been able to make it through the season that came out last year on netflix. it was weird and i couldn't follow the plot so i gave up.  but the first three seasons. you will never stop laughing and it will change your life. i just can't even fully explain. just watch it, okay?

this is a show that i know a lot of people don't like, but i love. it is about a spy who got "burned" aka fired from the cia. i am currently trying to finish season 6, but it dragging quite a bit so i am having some trouble getting through.  but the first few seasons are much better.  just give it a try. the first few seasons are really good.

 again, if you haven't already seen this show, i'm not sure what's wrong with you??? so just get on that now. this is seriously one of the best dramas ever. its AMAZING . just watch it now. trust me. it is truly, truly incredible. the writing in this. wow. 

shows i need to be watching:

cheers. i am only on the third episode, but it is really funny! in that good old, classic humor kind of way. i know this comedy is a classic so i know i need to watch it in order to be a successful human being.   

i've heard good things about this show and i want to give it a try. i've heard it's really funny and abstract. we'll see.

my sister loved this show. and really, anything that matthew bomer is in, i will watch just so i can look at him (he is the really really attractive one with the jaw made from God in the grey suit.) i think it's about an ex criminal who consults for the fbi? i just want to watch jaw man. and yes, i know he's gay, so no need to crush my dreams. can i have crushes when i'm married? 

let summer officially begin!

May 25, 2014

doubt & devotion: the afterlife

Mr. Thomas & Me
i have been waiting to join amber's doubt & devotion link up for a while now.  each sunday, amber at "mr. thomas and me" shares thoughts about her faith.

i never met my grandmother, my dad's mother.  she died more than a decade before i was born.  all i know of her is stories my dad has told me and pictures that i have seen.  even though i have never met her, i feel so close to her.  i feel her presence often.  as a mormon, i believe that death is not the end, and that families can be together forever and will not be parted by death. as i mentioned in this wedding post, my husband and i will not be parted by death.  we are married for all eternity and will be married in the afterlife as well as on earth.  

my dad always tells me that i get my love of dancing and performing from my grandmother.  she owned a ballroom dance studio and was so full of life.  i miss her and think of her often.  i feel like i know her.  she has been such an example to me throughout my life.  there have been many times in my life when i have been in a difficult situation and have thought about what she would do.  i try to follow her example and i strive to be like her.

my grandpa, her husband, was equally special.  he was schizophrenic but all the memories i have of him are warm, happy memories.  he looked exactly like my dad and his eyes were light, cool pool of blue that were so warm at the same time.  he adored my mom.  he called her "honey girl" and she took such good care of him.  my grandpa had some extreme ideas about the word of wisdom {if you click on the link, scroll down and open "word of wisdom."} and was therefore, very very very skinny.  he really didn't eat much and what he did eat, he brought to our house in ziploc bags and would measure his grains in measuring cups.  every time he visited, my mom would bake the most fattening treats and meals she could think of, to try to give him some good nutrition and to fatten him up.  he was stubborn (just like me and my dad) and wouldn't eat the brownies, cookies, treats that she made.  she would leave them out on the counter, sneak away from the kitchen, and watch from afar as he "snuck" some treats. she would also stuff the treats in his suitcase when he wasn't looking. 

my grandpa was a very optimistic person and lived by the motto "life is something good".  i have been thinking about my grandparents a lot lately and my heart aches for my dad who misses them daily.  as i have been brainstorming with ideas of how to decorate my desk at work as well as our home, i decided that i wanted a sign of my grandpa's motto to hang.  so i asked the wonderful lauren with 34 magnolia street to create a sign for me.  she did a great job and i really love the way it turned out.

i am so grateful that i have the knowledge that i will see my grandparents again.  i am so grateful that i know that death is not the end, and that i will get to meet my grandmother some day.  i cannot wait.  i have always believed that my grandmother is my guardian angel and i KNOW that she has protected me more times than i can count.  i know that she is taking care of my future children right now, i know that she took care of my nieces and nephews before they came to us and i know that i created this close relationship with her before i came to earth.  that thought brings me such joy. 

my dad is an amazing songwriter and has had a band for several years. he wrote a song called "life is something good" after my grandpa died.  i wish i could play it for you, but because its not on grooveshark or whatever, i don't know how to put it here. so i will just share some of the lyrics with you:

no one could have shown me like you 
that life has something good,
life holds something dear, 
life is something good

i love my grandparents. and i can't wait to see them again. 

ps. i do hope that i didn't offend anyone by this post and sharing my beliefs on the afterlife.  even if you aren't religious, i appreciate you reading this post. 

May 23, 2014

five on friday

hey!!! hey hey HEYYYYY!!! it is FRIIDAYYYYYYY!! let us all rejoice. because it is not only friday, but it is now the long weekend!! what are your plans for the weekend? as i might have mentioned, my sister is moving here today!! i cannot WAIT to see her and the littles and look forward to spending this year bonding, laughing, playing with her sweet babies and getting some good quality time that we haven't gotten in years.  i am so excited!! if you need me, i will constantly be at her house for the next year.

alright! lets do this!

1. i had my first blate (blogger date) yesterday and it was so much fun!  i met with bonnie and aubrey and they were as nice, sweet and genuine as i imagined. i learned so much about blogging from talking with them! can't wait to share more details next week.

2. the lot next to my building at work is doing a huge demolition and completely tore down the building next to ours.  all day long, my desk shakes. my computer shakes, my chair shakes, all of it. the demolition is so intense, it just makes everything shake. but not cool shaking like this:

3. i asked my husband to please get me chapstick the other day, and he offered me his. i said "no, i want the one in my purse. you always take your chapstick back after i use it so then i don't have one."  he started  laughing and he said "that's because you always steal mine! so i'm trying to protect my chapstick!" so there's that.....

4. so since we are all together as a family now i thought we would be doing something together on memorial day, right? nope. my sister's response when i asked her why this was the case: "well mom and dad will be gone by evening, so........" my response: "what, we can't party without the parents? we don't need them to party!!" her response: "oh."

5. as some of you might know, i am a big sister in the big brother big sister program.  the requirement is to do your "match" with your little for at least a year. my year mark is the second week of june, and i made the difficult decision to close the match.  my little and i have only two more activities before it ends and i am pretty sad about it.  i have learned so much from my 13 year old "little sister".  but never fear! we will still see each other!!


 ps. a song for your weekend. because AIN'T THIS TRUE.

May 21, 2014

i confess (again)

Vodka and Soda

i confess....

//that i have never had one drop of coffee in my life.  it doesn't smell appealing to me, it just reminds me of my grandma.  she was the only one in our family who drank it, so whenever she came to visit, i would wake up to the smell and i would know grandma was here! the smell brings back good memories.

//i have always thought of ashton kutcher as a good actor, but a good actor for comedy.  so i was very pleasantly surprised when i watched  jOBS and saw how incredibly excellent kutcher was at the role. but he will forever have my heart as the guy from what happens in vegas.  

//every single weekday day some days, i am like "i have to go to work again?? are you sure? i think you're mistaken. i was just there. but alas, this is one of the worst drawbacks to being an adult.  i just want to watch tv, read, and lay by the pool. its summer now. come on. you shouldn't have to work in the summer! hmmmm.. maybe teachers have it right.

//i am just so. freaking. giddy. that my sister will be here on FRIDAY!! she and i haven't lived in the same city since i was 12, since she moved away to college. she will only live here for a year, so  i am going to spend every free second with her and the babies to get as much time with them as i possibly can while they're here. 

//i wish i was funnier. i look at juliette and lindsay and think, how can you be so consistently funny in every single post you write? my husband thinks i'm funny, my mom thinks i'm funny, but i think they're biased.

//i also want to put more gifs in my posts because they are funny and make people happy but i don't have the time to scroll through tumblr and find good gifs. i want to. but...... i have a handsome man to cuddle with.

linking up with kat! what are you wednesday confessions?

May 20, 2014

lets talk about gilmore girls

now let me tell you what i used to be obsessed with.

in high school, i had an unhealthy obsession with gilmore girls.  i don't think i can accurately explain how obsessed i was.  let me just say, don't ever try to quote it or compete with me on who knows the show better.  because i will win.  

now let's talk boyfriends. not my boyfriends. although this  was definitely my reaction when my first boyfriend told me he loved me.

who was your favorite boyfriend of lorelai's?  do we even need to discuss this?? it is obviously luke.  duh.  is this even a discussion? i maaaay have made him bigger than the other boyfriends. i mean with the awning thing for her wedding! and the ice skating rink!  and the flannel shirts! and the boat! and how nice he is to his crazy sister! and allllll the things.

what about rory's boyfriends? who was your favorite? this one is kind of tough, because they were all kind of jerks. but, i'm going to say, logan.  (gasp!!! shock!) come on guys, we don't have a lot of good options.  i liked logan because he was nice to her. he supported her. he tried to protect her from his insane father.  he was a better man with her.  he was fun.  he was intellectually on the same level as her (well, i guess jess was too. but he was lazy).  dean was clingy and stupid and annoying. jess was well, we all know what jess was. things that i really shouldn't say if i want to remain a lady. (but daaaaaaang was he fine).  

i could try to explain to you what gilmore girls means to me, but i don't think there are words in the english language to properly explain. but these characters have in the lowest and darkest parts of my life, been my best friends and kept me company and helped me through tough times. i will forever be a gilmore girl. 

alright.  enough with the sappiness.  let's just enjoy some gilmore gifs. because gilmore girls + gifs = happiness.


and now. honestly and truly, and i am ashamed to admit, that my knowledge of kate spade is entirely based upon this.

but!! i DO know that she makes pretty things. and i like pretty things. so let's win a gift card so we can get pretty things. i am so excited to be part of this amazing giveaway with Jana from Life Could Be a Dream!
Win $150 Kate Spade gift card!

Good luck my darlings!! Oy with the poodles already!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

May 19, 2014

let's talk about your wedding day

there are some things i wish somebody had told me when i got married. things people should have told me about my wedding day. so i am going to share them with you. i feel like nobody talks about these things and i don't want anybody to feel blindsided like i did. so here we go.  also, i like talking about my wedding. obvi.

back in september, i read an article in cosmo that i really tried hard to remember when i was engaged. basically, the article says that your wedding day won't be the best day of your life.  or rather, why you shouldn't expect it to be.  like the article says, your wedding isn't the end of your road and isn't the accomplishments of all accomplishments.  don't put so much pressure on your wedding day to be the best day of your life.  relax. at the end, you'll still be married.

i cannot even tell you how many times i thought about that article on my wedding day.  

there were several things that went wrong my on my wedding day. things that made me very angry.  we were scheduled to take pictures before the ceremony on the temple grounds so we wouldn't have everybody waiting for us after the ceremony.  i got ready at my sister's house as her house was close to where i got my hair done.  we were rushing out the door to get to the temple to have enough time to get good pictures that we forgot a few crucial things: my veil, taran's phone, and taran's recommend (a recommend is a piece of paper that you must absolutely must  have in order to enter the LDS temple.  you cannot get into a temple without it.  as in, we could not get married without it.) i was in my parent's car driving to the temple with them and taran was in his car. my brother in law called my dad and told him that taran's phone and recommend were on his kitchen table. awesome.  luckily, my brother in law came to the wedding early to give us his recommend so we could actually get married.  we didn't realize we didn't have my veil until we got to the temple. that is why in several of these pictures, i am not wearing a veil. 

 this made me very angry. how could i have forgotten my veil?! i won't have my veil in these pictures i will look at for the rest of my life!! how could this happen? i had made lists! i had prepared! we called my brother in law to ask him to bring my veil as well.  

then i focused my attention on pictures. i looked at taran and realized he hadn't shaved. on the day of our wedding, my fiance forgot to shave his face.  i was livid.  i was so livid that i wouldn't even let him touch me. i stormed ahead of him as we walked to a spot our photographer thought a picture would be good, and my mom said "lauren, you can't be mad at your husband on your wedding day." and i said snarkily, "he's not my husband."  the ceremony was in one hour. i didn't have proper lipgloss. we didn't know where it was. it was cold.  it was lightly snowing. we were trying and failing to keep my dress clean, but it was getting dirt everywhere on it.  i started to cry. i started freaking out. 

my photographer made everyone step away from me, grabbed my shoulders and told me to breathe. she told me at the end of the day, i would be married. it won't look that bad in pictures that he hadn't shaved.  you want to look happy and in love in these pictures, you can't be mad at him right now. she said all the right things.  i took several deep breaths.  i calmed down.  my photographer was hell on fire and was the WORST PERSON TO WORK WITH and i wouldn't recommend her to my worst enemy, but that was the one of two moments that i was glad i had picked her. the other moment was when i got my wedding pictures back (FINALLY AFTER THREE MONTHS) because my wedding pictures really are beautiful.  

but then we got into the temple. the big event.  the actual marriage. and i started freaking out.  i had knots in my stomach. i felt so anxious and nervous, more than i had ever felt in my life.  i started hyperventilating.  i started to cry a little. i prayed for comfort. it didn't come. i didn't understand what was going on.  i had prayed dozens of times to ask the Lord if i should marry taran, and everytime, the answer was a earth shattering YES.  so why did i feel so nervous?? was this normal? i looked at my mom and asked "did my sisters feel this way? what's wrong with me?" she said my sisters didn't feel this way before their weddings and it was just nerves. she said "honey, if you have prayed about it so many times and  gotten a yes each time, you just have to move forward with faith."  i was petrified.  i was so petrified that i seriously considered not going through with it.  i got to see taran for a few minutes before the ceremony.  i told him what i was feeling. he wasn't feeling too nervous, he was just excited.  i was freaking out. what is wrong with me?!??! i thought about not going through with the wedding and what that would feel like. if i didn't get married, i would not be married to taran.  i didn't want that. not at all. i wanted to be with him forever. it was time to leap.

we got in the elevator to go up to the sealing room (the sealing room is where you get married. called a sealing room because you are sealed for time and all eternity, not just married for your time on earth but also for your time in the afterlife. death does not part a couple married in the temple).  i held taran's hand tighter.  we met the sealer (the one who officiates the wedding) outside the elevator.  he asked if we were ready. i gave the answer that i was terrified to say, but the answer i knew was right. i gulped and said "yes." 

 we walked into the sealing room and i saw all my family.  my cousins, my uncles, my aunts, my parents, my sisters, my friends.  i felt a little more calm.  taran sobbed through the entire ceremony.  it was adorable (i mean, manly, cough, cough).  i felt so happy.

once the sealing was over, i felt something like hot lava wash through my body from head to toe. i have never, ever in my life, felt the Lord's presence so strongly.  i knew what i had done was right. 

we went outside to be greeted by everyone. i felt giddy, happy, ecstatic, sooooooo happy and freaking GIDDY!!!!!!!  i couldn't stop calling taran "my husband." all my nerves were gone. i was just so dang happy.  happier than i had ever felt in my life.

^^he also forgot (or didn't know?) to bring an outfit to leave in.  i don't know about you, but in my mind, you don't leave your wedding in your wedding dress.  you leave in a cute dress. and the guy can wear jeans. but whatever.^^

the day was exhausting. emotional. tiring. EXHAUSTING. as my reception started, i hid in my dressing room with my MOH as she shoved dr pepper down my throat. i just looked at her and said "how am i supposed to get through the next few hours? i want to go to sleep!" 

was it the best day of my life? yes. i think it was. i have been married for three months, and i still feel just as giddy and happy to be married to that man than i did on our wedding day.  marrying him was the best decision i ever made.  

love you, baby. forever.

ps. i just have to publicly from a rooftop say THANK YOU to my mom for thinking of everything and putting so much time and effort into planning my wedding day, the sweet lady from the laundry department at the temple who brought her spot remover and scrubbed my wedding dress for 20 minutes to get the dirt out,  and my bridesmaids for catering to my every need, for staying up late dance partying with me the night before the big day, and running around the night before getting every last minute thing i didn't think of before. YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS. 

and if you made it to the end of this monster of a post, you are a rock star too.

May 16, 2014

another boy behind the blog

i love these "boy behind the blog" posts!! they are so much fun! i am sad that this is the last one. thanks to mallory for hosting!
so let's interview my husband.

Mal Smiles
1. what was your first job?
bagger at Reams, a grocery store.

2. what's the biggest risk you've ever taken?
student loans.  I have taken out a lot of money! At least it feels like a lot of money!

3. what is the one thing you can't live without?
T: You. {i promise i didn't tell him to say that!!} 
Me: Say something else. 
T: My phone because if i didn't have it you wouldn't be able to text me.

4. what is your least favourite food?
Coconut and pretzels. 

5.  if you could time travel, where/when would you go?
i think i would want to time travel back to talk to really smart people like albert einstein or james e talmage or nikola tesla.

thanks for answering all my questions, hubby!!
have a great weekend, everyone!!

May 15, 2014

my first time - #totalsocial

Helene in Between
you know how i love a good link up, and so i was so excited when helene and sarah announced this fun topic for their new #totalsocial series!! and so! without further ado, let me tell you about....

my first (and only) time breaking into a house

we all remember that time when we were young.  the time when when you and your friends would run around the neighborhood doorbell ditching.  it was the go to activity when you were young!!  right??

well one day, my friend and i went around my neighborhood for the upteenth time to doorbell ditch. (i wonder how much my neighbors hated me??) we got to a house that was very close to mine.  we rang the doorbell and ran to the other side of the house to hide. 


as we were "hiding" (really just hiding in plain sight for anyone who was walking by, but not to the person who answered the door) the residents of the house started driving down the street!! we were hiding near the garage, and they were about to turn the corner and see us!! so what did we do??

with our very intellectual 12 year old minds, we hid in the garage. of course! because that is where you hide when you doorbell ditch someone and they pull into the garage.  we booked it into the portion of the garage that had bikes and storage and ducked down behind some boxes.  we were giggling hysterically, but it was that quiet giggle because we didn't want to get caught.  i mean, of course i was stoic and calm and wasn't giggling even a little bit because i'm calm under pressure like that, but my friend just could not keep it together.  

the guy got out of his car and then  closed the garage door!  how were we supposed to get out?!?! i think at this point i should probably tell you that the garage we were in was the garage of my mom's very good friend who was very nice and would have understood that we were stupid tweens and that our doorbell ditching had gotten out of hand.  but my mom would have been mad, and the woman would have been at least a little annoyed at us, and we were determined to get out of this situation! 

the guy (i think it was the lady's adult son) suspected someone was in the garage though, because he came back into the garage after going into the house. we froze. he stood there in the doorway, looking around with suspecting eyes. we didn't even breath.  he knew we were there!! after about a minute, he went back inside. 

now we had to focus on how to escape.  we realized we were hiding near a window.  thankfully, the window was made to open, but it had a screen.  let me tell you, it is very complicated to take a screen off a window quietly.  we did it very, very slowly to be as quiet to possible.  the son could come back!! once we got the screen off, we opened the window and climbed out. but! they would notice that the screen to the window was suddenly off! luckily, even at that age, i was convinced i was going to be some sort of assassin or maybe had just watched too many spy movies, because i had the brilliant idea to sneakily put the screen back (difficult to do from the outside of the house) and shut the window behind us. then we ran as fast as we ever had run back to my house.  and to this day, the woman still doesn't know that this happened. (or she does and is nice enough to not give me a hard time about it.)

and that is my story of the first AND LAST time i broke into a house.  

ps. that woman helped throw my bridal shower. she also gave me two wedding presents. 
okay, now i feel guilty. 

May 14, 2014

i confess...


i confess.....

1. i worked out for the first time in a month yesterday.  it was starting to really, really bother me that i hadn't exercised in so long. it really wasn't in my control that i hadn't done it in so long because i have literally been sick for six weeks.  six different sicknesses in six weeks. it has been a rough month.  (my ER visit turned out to be close to $6,000 DOLLARS. can you believe that? thank GOODNESS for insurance, which paid 90% of it. #thanksobama) when i exercised, i was really annoyed, but not surprised, with how out of shape i was.  when i lost 16 pounds over the winter, i was exercising constantly and was in really good shape. i miss being in that good of shape!

2.  all of my sisters and their husbands are super active and like to run 5ks and mountain bike and rock climb and all kinds of active stuff (my brother in law did a triathalon on saturday). and i just look at taran and say "wanna watch tv??"

3. i drove last night without contacts or glasses. i got off an exit early because i couldn't see anything. #safe.

4. i watched "what to expect when you're expecting" last night. its just so entertaining and funny and i just love it so much.  and taran watched it with me and it just made me really, really happy.

5.  its 45 degrees outside so i am still dressing like its dead of winter because i have no warmth in my blood and i get cold when it's 80 degrees out.  and i wear sweaters at work and turn my little space heater on and its just oh so very weird and everybody makes fun of me.

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May 13, 2014

just let me brag a little

the day i got back from my business trip, my sisters hosted a dual birthday party for my niece and nephew.  they are 4 days apart in age, with my niece being born on may 1 and my nephew being born on may 5.  i see a lot of dual birthday parties in their future. 

it was the babies' second birthday, which i really can't believe because i swear we were celebrating their 1st birthday two seconds ago.

^^i have always wanted to pose like this with my creme blush on, so thanks for indulging me.  right: me and the birthday girl^^

oliver got a rad excavator, which he was so excited about he just did not know what to do with himself.  he opened the present and then literally started jumping up and down and kicking his legs everywhere in excitement. he just couldn't contain himself.  he hasn't let his excavator out of his sight since, even taking it to bed with him. #adorable.

the party was fireman themed and was hosted at a fire station. the kids got to sit in the firetruck, wear hats, learn about fire trucks and even watch the fireman slide down the pole (!!!) pretty much every kid's dream. the kids had so much fun!!!

^^oliver high-fiving taran as we went into the fire station.  looks like a freakishly big hand, right?^^

 ^^avery with pop pop^^

 avery got a really big present, a kitchen!! it reminded me of the little play kitchen my sisters and i had when we were little. but this is much nicer. so many upgrades!! 

if you follow me on instagram, you know that i have been talking about how obsessed avery is with my husband.  well at the party, she was playing when all of a sudden she exclaimed, "taran!" because he wasn't paying attention to her.  she then pointed to a spot on the ground, said "sit" and then proceeded to hand him dishes and talk in a nonsense language that only her mama can understand. of course, it melted me into a big puddle of gooey aunt-wife love.

oliver had really been ignoring me the entire party and i was pretty sad about it. his big brother, eli, was really ignoring me and acting too cool to hang out with me and when i sat next to him, he ran away.  sigh.  but once the party ended and we were cleaning up, the kids started demanding that taran chase them around.  that is main job with the kids, you see.  (at least they think so).  i was wearing heels and not running so i was standing there when ollie came over to me and said "take you!"  it took me a couple times of him repeating until i understood what he wanted.  he wanted me to take him somewhere!! yay! finally! he wanted to play with me! 

i scooped him up (with him clinging to his excavator, of course) and asked him where we were going. he pointed and said "this way!" and off we went! we would reach a dead end in walking and then i would ask again and he would point somewhere new.  we sang, we bounced, we talked about his excavator, and he even let me tickle him and get a few sweet giggles out of him (along with a few kisses he let me get away with!)!! it was definitely an aunt win. 

^^doesn't this look like an engagement photo? awkward. engaged cousins. hahah.^^