Lot 48: why i love blogging

April 7, 2014

why i love blogging

When I read what Brianna's theme for "Ten Favorite Things" was going to be for April, I got so excited!  How fun is it to share the reasons by we love blogging!  So here we go!!

1. the community.  bloggers are seriously some of the most kindhearted, selfless, sweet people i have ever met.  i love that this community uplifts each other in a space where we are free to express our opinions.  If a blogger asks for prayers, you better believe that every one of her readers are praying for her.  and they haven't even even met her! why wouldn't i love a community like that?

2. the stories.  we all love a good story.  i think girls especially, love a good story from your younger years or just a crazy and silly story that happened to someone! i love it! i loved this story about traumatizing a babysitter and i loved Taylor's series on talking about her old middle school diaries.  I just love hearing about other people's lives!

3. the inspiration. i love reading stories from other bloggers about how well their lives are going.  of  them finding hope when no there seems to be none. this beautiful post inspired me to be brave and move forward through hard times, bringing something good in even if you're afraid.  and this girl just really kills it as a comedian even though she is afraid of failing.  these women that i read really are oh so very inspiring to me.

4. the support system.   i love when bloggers are open and honest about their feelings. like when taylor wrote about how she isn't where she wants to be at her age or when joanna bravely wrote about her postpartum depression.  and i can't even tell you how much this post and this post helped me with my body image issues.  we all go through things like that, and it is amazing the support system bloggers give one another. i can't even tell you how much it has helped me in my own life.

5. your best friend is a travel author.  i feel like the bloggers i read are my friends.  sometimes when i am talking about them i have to stop myself from saying "my friend" instead of "this blogger i follow...." but the bloggers i read really are my friends! and i would much rather take travel advice from a close friend than a guide book.  i know exactly what to do when i go to Malaga, Spain and where to eat in Barcelona.  I know the best attractions Marrakech and how to not get scammed while there!!  and all this information from people i trust!

6. i didn't even know that existed!  i love that bloggers introduce me to new things that make life easier/fun that i didn't even know existed! Joanna introduced this rad app a while ago that makes going to the bathroom at the movies so much easier! and Steph's post on apps that make your life easier is so helpful! where would i have learned this stuff if it hadn't been for  these bloggers? i don't know where else to get it!

7. creative outlet.  i like to think that i am a creative person.  i love to write and i need a place to do that.  the greatest thing about my blog is that i can write about whatever i want for however long i choose.  it's great! i so love my little creative outlet.

8. its my journal.  i want to be able to look back on my life and have it all documented on this here little thing.  i am not one for writing things down, i would rather type.  (does anyone even write things down anymore?).  i love this holds all my amazing memories over the years.

9. the friends.  i am going to Bonnie's roundtable tomorrow and am so excited!! i also have a few blates (blogger dates) set up that i can't wait to go on! yay new friends!

10. it makes me happy!  i am the kind of person who needs a goal, who needs to be constantly doing something.  i need something to create and to watch grow.  that makes me happy.  blogging makes me happy.

and there you have it folks! Be sure to click on the button above to link up with Brianna and share what your favorite things are about blogging!

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