Lot 48: What is your partners name in your phone?

April 15, 2014

What is your partners name in your phone?

^^yes, i blocked his emails and phone number because i know my husband is handsome and i don't want nooooobody gettin' up on ma man. ;)^^

this is a weird topic but its been something i have been thinking about and its my blog so here we go.

my husbands' name in my phone has always been his full name; first and last. It has been that way since he first asked for my number 2 years ago.

In the early stages of dating, I changed his name to ❤️Boyfriend❤️ but then quickly changed it back. Why? he wasn't just my boyfriend, he was Taran. my taran; the man who brought me blankets to a hockey game in case I got cold. the man who always opened the door for me and made me laugh. he wasn't just some boyfriend I had. he was Taran. i tried again to change it to ❤️fiancĂ©❤️ when we got engaged but it couldn't do it!! again, he wasn't my fiance, he was my taran!

now that we are married, i think it's kind of ridiculous.  i looked at my phone and thought, "really? your his name is just his name? use some creativity!" so i changed it to ❤️husband❤️ but couldn't do it so i changed it back. then i landed on the picture above.  taran saw it the other day and said "aw.. my name has hearts around it?" he thought it was sweet so mission accomplished.

my mom has changed my dad's name in her phone numerous times.  it has been "honey" and most recently, "burning love".  currently she decided she needed to do the responsible thing and stop playing around and list him as an emergency contact in case she was like, unconscious (seriously, who knows how to spell that word off the top of their head?) the EMT would know who to call. so now it's "ICE: in case of emergency". .romantic.

when i visited my cousin a few years ago, her husband's name in her phone was "my love".  

so i'm curious.  what is your partner's name in your phone?  or does nobody care and i am the only one who thinks about these things?


  1. your blog is so cute! makes me want to be better at blogging instead of shoving pictures all over! Congrats on your marriage and all! looks like you are so happy and doing well :)

    1. thank you diana!! i really love blogging and kind of have taken it as a hobby!!

  2. Interesting topic! My mom sent us something about a scam a while ago where people steal your phone and then it's easier for them to target "mom" or "husband" to try and get them to send your personal information to them. So mine are all first name, last name. It's a little pointless, I suppose, because I do still use ICE contacts, and I have favorites, so they'll know who to go after, but it makes me feel like I took some precaution. Also, I'm not super sentimental. I would never call my boyfriend "my love" or at least, not where anyone else could see it. :P

  3. lol!! I love this post!!! I think about it and my husbands has changed quite a bit but right now it's...you ready? "My sexy man" lol! Yes..I know I'm crazy! :) my mother still has my dad, me and my brother as "Faith-ICE" lol!


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