Lot 48: the boy behind the blog

April 22, 2014

the boy behind the blog

Never The Same Spice Twice

today we are going to get to know my husband a little bit better, or "the boy behind the blog."  my husband is the most supportive man you will ever meet and is perfect for me in every way.  so lets chat with him, shall we?? linking up with Stephanie!

1. your significant other’s blog; a blessing or a curse? blessing because you love to write and its a good outlet for your writing and i'm hoping that it will open up other avenues and get you past your writers block stage for your screenwriting.
2. do you read your wife's blog?  every once in a while. i read the articles that you specifically tell me to read and then sometimes when i see it on facebook, i will click on the article, but i don't ever specifically put in your URL and go read. i don't even know your URL, actually.
3. what is one thing that you can do better than anyone you know?  kiss my wife's face. ;)  im[ good at science stuff but i don't think i do that better than anyone else i know. reading books. i do that well. {lauren says: be funny, handsome and the best husband in the world}
4. what is your favorite tv sitcom from the 90s?  definitely seinfeld. one of the best sitcoms ever made. its about nothing and its hilarious. {i knew he was going to say that}
5. if you were opening up a small business or shop, what would it be? what goods or services would you sell?  medical devices! my dream in life is to help or improve or possibly save thousands of people's lives. especially little babies.

isn't he so great? i'm pretty biased, i kind of love him.
ps. thanks for all your kind words and prayers regarding my drama last week.  i am feeling much better!

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  1. "i don't even know your url actually" - haha classic. he sounds like such a supportive, wonderful husband!


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