Lot 48: on being an adult

April 28, 2014

on being an adult

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sometimes i just look around at my life and i think to myself "how did this happen? who decided i was adult enough to get married? who decided that i was old enough to have a real job with a 401k and business trips and big things. who decided that i was capable of handling the trials of life? like having these scary health problems i am only 23 years old!! i am just a kid!!
Like who was the idiot who decided that I was old enough to go on business trips and get married and  deal with grown up stuff?? Like bills and insurance and making a marriage work? This is adult stuff is what that is. I'm just a kid!! I am only 23!!! A kid!!! Who decided that I was capable to handle the struggles of adulthood??!
Me.  i guess it was me because i was the one who made all these decisions of love and marriage. it was me. and i love it and its wonderful, being married. i am not complaining, i have an amazing husband and an amazing live.  i really, truly am so blessed.  but sometimes i just want to get a hug from my mom and drink a glass of milk with a pb&j and sleep all day. being an adult is hard. and there are good things about it (you can do what you want, you get to make your own choices, be who you want to be, all of that) but there are super sucky things about it too.
when you read this I will be on plane flying to orlando for my for my business trip. and i'm nervous!  nervous that i won't do a good job, nervous about being away from my husband for THREE WHOLE DAYS!!! we are pathetic i know, but we have never been apart for that long!!
so just let me lay on the floor and feed me sour straws please.
thanks for letting me complain. i really am overly blessed, i know that. there have just been and i know i'm not the only one who feels this way.  right, Casey??

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  1. Oh boy, do I feel this way sometimes! Mostly I think to myself, "Who decided I was adult enough to raise another human?" Being an adult is hard! I hope your business trip is wonderful! :)


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