Lot 48: lauren plays video games

April 21, 2014

lauren plays video games

growing up, video games weren't allowed in my house.  my parents didn't like them so we just didn't have them.  we didn't really care. it was a house full of girls, i have no brothers so  it wasn't a big deal. (because i feel like boys like video games more than girls  do? stereotype maybe?) 
anyway, the only time i would get to play is at my friends houses. it wasn't like i wasn't allowed to play them, it was just that we didn't have them.  i was really horrible at playing, to the point of it being pretty embarrassing.  when i needed my player to move, i would move my head where i needed him to go, so it looked like i had google glasses on. it was very awkward.
my husband works  10 hour days so he has fridays off.  he mentioned the other day that he wanted to bring his xbox over from his parents house so he could play on fridays while i was at work.  i thought it would be a fun activity to do together so i suggested that he get a game for me to play and that he should teach me! the next day, he texted me to ask if i was serious. i totally was! so he got me "dishonored" and we spent sunday night playing. it was a lot of fun! and i was better than i thought i would be! i didn't even move my head! i was actually able to make the dude go where i needed him to go! it was quite an accomplishment. here are some things that i have learned
  • don't swim in the gross looking water. apparently it hurts the guy.
  • don't yell at your husband when you don't know what to do. he will think you don't like the game. 
  • don't yell at your husband because he's your husband and he loves you.
  • i tend to yell at my husband when i don't know what to do and i want him to take over
  • i get very passionate when i play video games
  • the rats will eat you, so you have to kill them too. 
  • pick the pockets of the people you kill. they could have things you need like money and bullets. i think this is so morbid.
  • your assassin skills will impress your husband.
  • your husband is a good video game teacher
  • video games are more fun than i expected

but then we were playing a few days ago and the grossest thing happened!!
i was killing some people and my sword went down on the top of his head! blood was everywhere and it was disgusting. it made me sick. 
so...... i think thats the end of video games for me. 

do you play video games?

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