Lot 48: If I was a kardashian

April 30, 2014

If I was a kardashian

so. lets admit it. i am a little bit obsessed with the kardashians.  but its not what you think.   i just think they are HILARIOUS.  sooooo funny. they are just sooo out of touch with reality.  and its hilarious. and i just love them so much.  

so lets take a look at what my life would be like if i was a kardashian.

i would be oh so very graceful.

i would be calm, cool and collected in stressful situations

i would use intellectual words like "gawgeous"

taran would be so funny that i just...... ya know, couldn't control my bladder.

i would be the prettiest ugly crier there ever was 

taking selfies with exotic animals would be just a normal day to me

i would wear cheetah prints all the time because i am thaaaaaat cool.
i would ALWAYS be having so much fun and insta CONSTANTLY. i would be like, just ALWAYS having fun, guys. 
my family and i wouldn't just give hugs, we would give hand hugs.  and it would just be oh so very sweet.

wouldn't you just love to be a kardashian? 
{ps i hope you know that i really would just make fun of them alllllll day if i was a kardashian. that's what i was getting at, you see.}


  1. I love them. It's the only reality TV that I watch so I let myself off the hook for that. Also I'm obsessed with GIFs so this post made me really happy.

  2. hahah I loveeee this. So good.


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