Lot 48: i never thought i'd

April 18, 2014

i never thought i'd

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Hey its a link up! I love link ups! they are so much fun!
I never thought I'd.....

  • eat cheese again, but i did. in rome. on pizza. because when in rome right? and i didn't want to insult any italians by asking for pizza with no cheese
  • not be a performer. it was what i did for so long! i actually made a bet with my math tutor when i was a teenager that if i wasn't performing for a living when i was 25, i would owe him $500.  and vice versa.  i turn 24 next month, and i don't see my career changing anytime soon! looks like i'll have to pay up!
  • live in london. but i did! on my study abroad! and it was amazing! 
  • be married. really, there were a lot of times i thought it wasn't for me/never would happen/nobody would love me enough to want to marry me/all those things you think when you are insecure. but here we are! 
  • love my nieces and nephews so much. but man oh man i do. i really do.  i love them more than i thought humanly possible. i love them like their my own.
  • love blogging so much! who woulda thunk? i did not see this coming! but i am so passionate about it and love it so much!
  • love living away from home so much. i am such a homebody.  i couldn't even go to a sleepover without getting homesick growing up. but now i have lived away from my parents for 5+ years and love it! i do miss them. but i don't mind as much as i thought i would. all their kids are up in the northern part of the state now, they just need to get with it and move up here too.
can't think of anything else! thanks for the idea juliette!

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