Lot 48: i did not buy a zoo

April 2, 2014

i did not buy a zoo

on saturday, the hubs and i went to the zoo.  as some of you may know, i am a "big" in the Big Brother Big Sister program; my little sister is 13.  my little and i have been together long enough that it is now appropriate for me to bring other people along.  

i have been to the hogle zoo sooooo many times.  it is a rather small zoo with not toooo much to offer.  but it was just one of those really solid days, you know?  one of those solid days where you kind of look around at your life and think, well, alllllllllriggght. my life is going pretty darn well!!

 ^^baby elephant nursing from mama^^

we haven't really talked about being a newlywed yet, have we? well as tony the tiger would say, it's grrrrrreat! (sorry i couldn't resist).  i really, really love living with him.  i love hanging out with him all the time.  i love sharing everything with him.  i just, love all of it! 
i was a little bit nervous to bring the hubs along on this outing because it took my little so long to open up to me and feel comfortable around me, i thought she might be quiet around him.  but she was so chatty and happy to be with us! it was so encouraging.  i had several moments when i kind of stopped and thought, hey! we're just a bunch of kiddos, hanging out! this is so nice!  like i said, a solid day.
 ^^hilarious!  that elephant really wanted that peanut butter! we learned she was the grandma of the pack, and boy was she determined!^^

but the day didn't stop there! i offered to relieve my sister of mothering duties so she could get some rest and spend time with her husband after a particularly brutal week.  we babysat my niece for a few hours, and i had one of those weird, time warped moments when i got a peek at my life in the future.  those few hours we were with my niece, i felt as if i was looking through a tiny little looking glass, seeing my future.  and it was magical.  seeing my niece completely wrap my husband around her tiny little finger was so much fun.  watching my husband call her "baby doll" and give her kisses on the forehead and get down on the floor and play with her toys with her, man, it sure made me swoon!! 
toward the end of the evening, we went to the park next door to stretch our legs and the hubs tossed my little avery into the air over and over again with lots and lots of squeals coming from baby girl.  

i got a look at my future on saturday, and it really wasn't half bad.

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