Lot 48: April 2014

April 30, 2014

If I was a kardashian

so. lets admit it. i am a little bit obsessed with the kardashians.  but its not what you think.   i just think they are HILARIOUS.  sooooo funny. they are just sooo out of touch with reality.  and its hilarious. and i just love them so much.  

so lets take a look at what my life would be like if i was a kardashian.

i would be oh so very graceful.

i would be calm, cool and collected in stressful situations

i would use intellectual words like "gawgeous"

taran would be so funny that i just...... ya know, couldn't control my bladder.

i would be the prettiest ugly crier there ever was 

taking selfies with exotic animals would be just a normal day to me

i would wear cheetah prints all the time because i am thaaaaaat cool.
i would ALWAYS be having so much fun and insta CONSTANTLY. i would be like, just ALWAYS having fun, guys. 
my family and i wouldn't just give hugs, we would give hand hugs.  and it would just be oh so very sweet.

wouldn't you just love to be a kardashian? 
{ps i hope you know that i really would just make fun of them alllllll day if i was a kardashian. that's what i was getting at, you see.}

April 28, 2014

on being an adult

The 24 Most Relatable Mindy Lahiri Quotes From "The Mindy Project"

sometimes i just look around at my life and i think to myself "how did this happen? who decided i was adult enough to get married? who decided that i was old enough to have a real job with a 401k and business trips and big things. who decided that i was capable of handling the trials of life? like having these scary health problems i am only 23 years old!! i am just a kid!!
Like who was the idiot who decided that I was old enough to go on business trips and get married and  deal with grown up stuff?? Like bills and insurance and making a marriage work? This is adult stuff is what that is. I'm just a kid!! I am only 23!!! A kid!!! Who decided that I was capable to handle the struggles of adulthood??!
Me.  i guess it was me because i was the one who made all these decisions of love and marriage. it was me. and i love it and its wonderful, being married. i am not complaining, i have an amazing husband and an amazing live.  i really, truly am so blessed.  but sometimes i just want to get a hug from my mom and drink a glass of milk with a pb&j and sleep all day. being an adult is hard. and there are good things about it (you can do what you want, you get to make your own choices, be who you want to be, all of that) but there are super sucky things about it too.
when you read this I will be on plane flying to orlando for my for my business trip. and i'm nervous!  nervous that i won't do a good job, nervous about being away from my husband for THREE WHOLE DAYS!!! we are pathetic i know, but we have never been apart for that long!!
so just let me lay on the floor and feed me sour straws please.
thanks for letting me complain. i really am overly blessed, i know that. there have just been and i know i'm not the only one who feels this way.  right, Casey??

April 22, 2014

the boy behind the blog

Never The Same Spice Twice

today we are going to get to know my husband a little bit better, or "the boy behind the blog."  my husband is the most supportive man you will ever meet and is perfect for me in every way.  so lets chat with him, shall we?? linking up with Stephanie!

1. your significant other’s blog; a blessing or a curse? blessing because you love to write and its a good outlet for your writing and i'm hoping that it will open up other avenues and get you past your writers block stage for your screenwriting.
2. do you read your wife's blog?  every once in a while. i read the articles that you specifically tell me to read and then sometimes when i see it on facebook, i will click on the article, but i don't ever specifically put in your URL and go read. i don't even know your URL, actually.
3. what is one thing that you can do better than anyone you know?  kiss my wife's face. ;)  im[ good at science stuff but i don't think i do that better than anyone else i know. reading books. i do that well. {lauren says: be funny, handsome and the best husband in the world}
4. what is your favorite tv sitcom from the 90s?  definitely seinfeld. one of the best sitcoms ever made. its about nothing and its hilarious. {i knew he was going to say that}
5. if you were opening up a small business or shop, what would it be? what goods or services would you sell?  medical devices! my dream in life is to help or improve or possibly save thousands of people's lives. especially little babies.

isn't he so great? i'm pretty biased, i kind of love him.
ps. thanks for all your kind words and prayers regarding my drama last week.  i am feeling much better!

April 21, 2014

lauren plays video games

growing up, video games weren't allowed in my house.  my parents didn't like them so we just didn't have them.  we didn't really care. it was a house full of girls, i have no brothers so  it wasn't a big deal. (because i feel like boys like video games more than girls  do? stereotype maybe?) 
anyway, the only time i would get to play is at my friends houses. it wasn't like i wasn't allowed to play them, it was just that we didn't have them.  i was really horrible at playing, to the point of it being pretty embarrassing.  when i needed my player to move, i would move my head where i needed him to go, so it looked like i had google glasses on. it was very awkward.
my husband works  10 hour days so he has fridays off.  he mentioned the other day that he wanted to bring his xbox over from his parents house so he could play on fridays while i was at work.  i thought it would be a fun activity to do together so i suggested that he get a game for me to play and that he should teach me! the next day, he texted me to ask if i was serious. i totally was! so he got me "dishonored" and we spent sunday night playing. it was a lot of fun! and i was better than i thought i would be! i didn't even move my head! i was actually able to make the dude go where i needed him to go! it was quite an accomplishment. here are some things that i have learned
  • don't swim in the gross looking water. apparently it hurts the guy.
  • don't yell at your husband when you don't know what to do. he will think you don't like the game. 
  • don't yell at your husband because he's your husband and he loves you.
  • i tend to yell at my husband when i don't know what to do and i want him to take over
  • i get very passionate when i play video games
  • the rats will eat you, so you have to kill them too. 
  • pick the pockets of the people you kill. they could have things you need like money and bullets. i think this is so morbid.
  • your assassin skills will impress your husband.
  • your husband is a good video game teacher
  • video games are more fun than i expected

but then we were playing a few days ago and the grossest thing happened!!
i was killing some people and my sword went down on the top of his head! blood was everywhere and it was disgusting. it made me sick. 
so...... i think thats the end of video games for me. 

do you play video games?

April 19, 2014

easter bark

if you know me at all, you know that i don't like cooking. so this is very, very rare that i will share a recipe. but this is too good not to share! so here is a super easy and yummy treat to make tomorrow for Easter! i am SURE you have all the ingredients at your house as we are all stocked up with lots of unhealthy things at the moment.  so here we go!!

you can really make this your own and put whatever you want on this bark, but i will list what we chose.

1 12 oz bag of milk chocolate chips
1 12 oz bag of white chocolate chips
2 tbsp of vegetable oil
as many mini m&ms as you want
tiny colored marshmallows
egg malts
parchment paper
a freezer
a cookie sheet

Step 1:  First in a mixing bowl, melt the entire bag of milk chocolate chips. heat for 30 seconds. take out and stir.  put chocolate back in the microwave for 30 seconds. take out and stir  in the tbsp of vegetable oil. this prevents the chocolate from sticking and it all being a big mess. put the chocolate back in for 30 seconds, take out and stir again. you can skip that last interval of heating if you feel the chocolate is melted enough. do the same thing in a separate bowl with the white chocolate chips.  

Step 2:  Put parchment paper on the cookie sheet.  i swirled the white and milk chocolate on the sheet so i poured the milk chocolate first and then i poured the white chocolate on top. then i took a spoon and swirled it.  

Step 3: now the fun part! put the candies on top! we cut some of the egg malts in half, that gave it a nice look.  then we just kind of threw on the m&ms and the marshmallows.  put on whatever you want! be daring! no rules!

Step 4:  put the cookie sheet in the freezer!! leave it in there for about 20 minutes for it to really really melt.  

Step 5:  don't try to cut up the bark once you get it out the freezer.  what works really well is to just break it, just like normal bark.  I broke it into pieces and put it in a ziploc baggie so it would stay fresh in the freezer.  


April 18, 2014

i never thought i'd

The Other Juliette
Linking up with Juliette
Hey its a link up! I love link ups! they are so much fun!
I never thought I'd.....

  • eat cheese again, but i did. in rome. on pizza. because when in rome right? and i didn't want to insult any italians by asking for pizza with no cheese
  • not be a performer. it was what i did for so long! i actually made a bet with my math tutor when i was a teenager that if i wasn't performing for a living when i was 25, i would owe him $500.  and vice versa.  i turn 24 next month, and i don't see my career changing anytime soon! looks like i'll have to pay up!
  • live in london. but i did! on my study abroad! and it was amazing! 
  • be married. really, there were a lot of times i thought it wasn't for me/never would happen/nobody would love me enough to want to marry me/all those things you think when you are insecure. but here we are! 
  • love my nieces and nephews so much. but man oh man i do. i really do.  i love them more than i thought humanly possible. i love them like their my own.
  • love blogging so much! who woulda thunk? i did not see this coming! but i am so passionate about it and love it so much!
  • love living away from home so much. i am such a homebody.  i couldn't even go to a sleepover without getting homesick growing up. but now i have lived away from my parents for 5+ years and love it! i do miss them. but i don't mind as much as i thought i would. all their kids are up in the northern part of the state now, they just need to get with it and move up here too.
can't think of anything else! thanks for the idea juliette!

April 17, 2014

there are cows in my house

i toyed with talking about this. but i think i need support. i kind of feel stupid even writing about this. people have it so much worse than me. but whatever.

there was a children's book that we had in our house growing up called "it could always be worse".  it was a story about a jewish family who lived in a very tiny straw house back in  the olden days.  they had a farm with chickens, cows, goats, etc.  the family had, like 8 kids or something and they lived in this tiny little house all together.  needless to say, they were all driving each other crazy, being in such close quarters.  the dad went to his rabbi and asked what he should do. the rabbi said "put your cows in your house." the dad did and went back to the rabbi again to ask what he should do. the rabbi said "put the chickens in your house." and then later "put the goats in your house." after a few weeks, the rabbi told the dad to slowly take all the livestock out.  once the animals were out of the house, the whole family was nicer to each other, more grateful for their life and their attitude had changed.  there was so much room in their tiny house now! after seeing how much worse their life could be, they appreciated how good they had it. yes, their house was crowded, but at least there were no animals in it!

there are cows in my house. its been a very awful week.  i started having serious, serious, serious pain behind my ribs with serious nausea. no pepto bismol, advil or any other medication i could think to take helped. by monday night, the pain and nausea got too much for me and i had a break down. on tuesday, i called my doctor and he was concerned about my gallbladder because the pain was on the right side behind my ribs. they couldn't get me into an imaging center for an ultrasound, so my doctor told me to go to the ER.  so to the ER i went.

i was really scared and i really didn't want to go by myself. but i didn't want to ask the husband to leave work and i didn't want to ask my sisters to find someone to watch their kids so they could come with me. so i went alone.  by the grace of God (literally.) my husband was able to come to the hospital with me.
they did so many tests. there was lot of tears on my part. when they finally gave me pain medicine, the tech happened to come in to give me my chest x-ray. she asked me my name and  i didn't know if she had my maiden name or married name because my bracelet said my maiden name but i had just made my name change legal and had just gotten my new license with my new married name. i was trying to explain this and was having a lot of trouble talking and was saying all sorts of things and it was really frustrating that i couldn't form the words i needed to say so then i just looked at my husband to have him explain and then i just started crying. it was so embarrassing.  they did so many tests and four hours later, they didn't know what was wrong with me, my test results were normal and i was still in pain. so they sent me home, frustrated.

today i have been really trying to not take the pain meds they gave me. i want to go back to work, i want to feel better and how am i supposed to feel if i am feeling better if i am drugged? so i have been suffering through it. i am trying to trick myself into feeling better. i keep saying to myself "hey, its been like 2 hours since you wanted to die from this pain." and then when the pain comes, i think "well, maybe i just need to do this... or this..." and i just try to do something else to fix it. i haven't eaten a meal since monday afternoon.  all i have had are crackers and gatorade to keep my hydrated.  and apples. i am so sick of apples. and i really miss eating. but eating just hurts.

maybe the cows are already gone. because i know it could be much worse. i could have had to have surgery, or stay in the hospital for days, my husband could have not been able to be with me. it could have been a lot worse. i am very blessed. i am very lucky.  its allllll going to be okay. i will get better. its going to be okay. i have my business trip in 10  days so i HAVE to get better. and i will! i will prevail!
prayers would be appreciated. or good thoughts or whatever is your jam.

April 15, 2014

What is your partners name in your phone?

^^yes, i blocked his emails and phone number because i know my husband is handsome and i don't want nooooobody gettin' up on ma man. ;)^^

this is a weird topic but its been something i have been thinking about and its my blog so here we go.

my husbands' name in my phone has always been his full name; first and last. It has been that way since he first asked for my number 2 years ago.

In the early stages of dating, I changed his name to ❤️Boyfriend❤️ but then quickly changed it back. Why? he wasn't just my boyfriend, he was Taran. my taran; the man who brought me blankets to a hockey game in case I got cold. the man who always opened the door for me and made me laugh. he wasn't just some boyfriend I had. he was Taran. i tried again to change it to ❤️fiancĂ©❤️ when we got engaged but it couldn't do it!! again, he wasn't my fiance, he was my taran!

now that we are married, i think it's kind of ridiculous.  i looked at my phone and thought, "really? your his name is just his name? use some creativity!" so i changed it to ❤️husband❤️ but couldn't do it so i changed it back. then i landed on the picture above.  taran saw it the other day and said "aw.. my name has hearts around it?" he thought it was sweet so mission accomplished.

my mom has changed my dad's name in her phone numerous times.  it has been "honey" and most recently, "burning love".  currently she decided she needed to do the responsible thing and stop playing around and list him as an emergency contact in case she was like, unconscious (seriously, who knows how to spell that word off the top of their head?) the EMT would know who to call. so now it's "ICE: in case of emergency". .romantic.

when i visited my cousin a few years ago, her husband's name in her phone was "my love".  

so i'm curious.  what is your partner's name in your phone?  or does nobody care and i am the only one who thinks about these things?

April 14, 2014

i just can't do it!

you know how there are things that you would just LOVE to be able to do? they look like so much fun! and you want to do them! but you juussssssssst can't seem to be able to! no matter how hard you try? well lets talk about it because this is a very serious subject that needs to be addressed.

whistle.  guys.  i just cannot whistle.  no matter how hard i try.  i can't do it.  i just end up spitting. it is embarrassing and everyone looks at me like i'm an idiot (maybe i am?). but whistling, guys.  its a struggle.

look good without makeup on.  my eyelashes are so blonde! i just can't do it! i look like a ghost! an albino ghost! luckily since acutane i don't have zits, but the eyelashes is what's a problem.  i just look sick and dying.

think on my feet.  there is a really really great story to go along with this. but it deserves its own blog post, so i'm not gonna tell. but i am horrible at thinking on my feet.  every time that i watch a tv show and a character gets in a bind and has to talk her way out of it, i try to predict what the character is going to do and nothing comes to mind.  i have so many tickets because i couldn't talk my out of them! somebody teach me!

play sports.  i am completely incapable of playing any sports.  i just kind of stand there if its baseball, i just kind of run around if its soccer, and if its football, i cover my head with my hands and run off the field screaming in fear.  golf? yeah, i almost drove a golf  cart into a lake. that deserves its own blog post too.

have a good comeback.  its like this episode of seinfeld.  i never think of a comeback until a few days later. and if i did go back to that guy and said "the jerkstore called, they're running out of you!" the guy would definitely have retorted with something better and i would have felt stupid and defeated. comebacks, man!
like cooking and grocery store shopping and clothes shopping and other things girls and good wives should do.  i don't like cooking or grocery shopping. i don't like shopping for clothes unless its with my mom because she is fun.  i really wish i liked cooking, it would make life so much easier and cheaper and i wouldn't feel like such a bad wife when my husband cooks for me. 

there are more im sure.  but i guess another thing i can't do is think of more things i can't do.

April 11, 2014

a few things

i don't know about you, but I really love prompts and linkups! Sometimes I don't know what to write about, so i always love it when someone suggests something to write about! So here are a few fun facts about me. Linking up with Nicole

On Saturday morning, I usually sleep until 11 am. and it is bliss.  then i get up and go to the kitchen where my husband usually has waffles waiting for me {swoon}.  Then i take a shower and either watch tv or read for a few glorious hours. then its either run errands, clean the house, or visit my family and give my nieces and nephews lots of kisses.  i think i have turned into a homebody even more than i already was since i got married. i just want to stay home and cuddle with my husband and watch a movie.

I feel beautiful when... there is this look my husband gives me that makes me feel really, really beautiful.  he looks at me intensely and then does a quick sigh that usually follows with "how are you so, incredibly, beautiful?" i after i dry my hair in the morning. its the part of the day when it hasn't started to bug me yet and i actually enjoy how thick and wavy it is.

I wake up every morning not knowing what to wear! i always check the weather and i am immediately put in a good mood if i can wear breezy, spring clothes.  i have a diet dr pepper immediately when i get to work. i need it to start my day! 

A happy home is one that is filled with laughter, treats, kind words, forgiveness, selflessness and God.  really, a home is anywhere my husband is.  that's all i need. 

When I have down time, I blog! i also try to call my friends and family to catch up. cuddling with my husband or finding a squishy baby to snuggle is also very productive downtime. 
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April 7, 2014

why i love blogging

When I read what Brianna's theme for "Ten Favorite Things" was going to be for April, I got so excited!  How fun is it to share the reasons by we love blogging!  So here we go!!

1. the community.  bloggers are seriously some of the most kindhearted, selfless, sweet people i have ever met.  i love that this community uplifts each other in a space where we are free to express our opinions.  If a blogger asks for prayers, you better believe that every one of her readers are praying for her.  and they haven't even even met her! why wouldn't i love a community like that?

2. the stories.  we all love a good story.  i think girls especially, love a good story from your younger years or just a crazy and silly story that happened to someone! i love it! i loved this story about traumatizing a babysitter and i loved Taylor's series on talking about her old middle school diaries.  I just love hearing about other people's lives!

3. the inspiration. i love reading stories from other bloggers about how well their lives are going.  of  them finding hope when no there seems to be none. this beautiful post inspired me to be brave and move forward through hard times, bringing something good in even if you're afraid.  and this girl just really kills it as a comedian even though she is afraid of failing.  these women that i read really are oh so very inspiring to me.

4. the support system.   i love when bloggers are open and honest about their feelings. like when taylor wrote about how she isn't where she wants to be at her age or when joanna bravely wrote about her postpartum depression.  and i can't even tell you how much this post and this post helped me with my body image issues.  we all go through things like that, and it is amazing the support system bloggers give one another. i can't even tell you how much it has helped me in my own life.

5. your best friend is a travel author.  i feel like the bloggers i read are my friends.  sometimes when i am talking about them i have to stop myself from saying "my friend" instead of "this blogger i follow...." but the bloggers i read really are my friends! and i would much rather take travel advice from a close friend than a guide book.  i know exactly what to do when i go to Malaga, Spain and where to eat in Barcelona.  I know the best attractions Marrakech and how to not get scammed while there!!  and all this information from people i trust!

6. i didn't even know that existed!  i love that bloggers introduce me to new things that make life easier/fun that i didn't even know existed! Joanna introduced this rad app a while ago that makes going to the bathroom at the movies so much easier! and Steph's post on apps that make your life easier is so helpful! where would i have learned this stuff if it hadn't been for  these bloggers? i don't know where else to get it!

7. creative outlet.  i like to think that i am a creative person.  i love to write and i need a place to do that.  the greatest thing about my blog is that i can write about whatever i want for however long i choose.  it's great! i so love my little creative outlet.

8. its my journal.  i want to be able to look back on my life and have it all documented on this here little thing.  i am not one for writing things down, i would rather type.  (does anyone even write things down anymore?).  i love this holds all my amazing memories over the years.

9. the friends.  i am going to Bonnie's roundtable tomorrow and am so excited!! i also have a few blates (blogger dates) set up that i can't wait to go on! yay new friends!

10. it makes me happy!  i am the kind of person who needs a goal, who needs to be constantly doing something.  i need something to create and to watch grow.  that makes me happy.  blogging makes me happy.

and there you have it folks! Be sure to click on the button above to link up with Brianna and share what your favorite things are about blogging!

April 2, 2014

i did not buy a zoo

on saturday, the hubs and i went to the zoo.  as some of you may know, i am a "big" in the Big Brother Big Sister program; my little sister is 13.  my little and i have been together long enough that it is now appropriate for me to bring other people along.  

i have been to the hogle zoo sooooo many times.  it is a rather small zoo with not toooo much to offer.  but it was just one of those really solid days, you know?  one of those solid days where you kind of look around at your life and think, well, alllllllllriggght. my life is going pretty darn well!!

 ^^baby elephant nursing from mama^^

we haven't really talked about being a newlywed yet, have we? well as tony the tiger would say, it's grrrrrreat! (sorry i couldn't resist).  i really, really love living with him.  i love hanging out with him all the time.  i love sharing everything with him.  i just, love all of it! 
i was a little bit nervous to bring the hubs along on this outing because it took my little so long to open up to me and feel comfortable around me, i thought she might be quiet around him.  but she was so chatty and happy to be with us! it was so encouraging.  i had several moments when i kind of stopped and thought, hey! we're just a bunch of kiddos, hanging out! this is so nice!  like i said, a solid day.
 ^^hilarious!  that elephant really wanted that peanut butter! we learned she was the grandma of the pack, and boy was she determined!^^

but the day didn't stop there! i offered to relieve my sister of mothering duties so she could get some rest and spend time with her husband after a particularly brutal week.  we babysat my niece for a few hours, and i had one of those weird, time warped moments when i got a peek at my life in the future.  those few hours we were with my niece, i felt as if i was looking through a tiny little looking glass, seeing my future.  and it was magical.  seeing my niece completely wrap my husband around her tiny little finger was so much fun.  watching my husband call her "baby doll" and give her kisses on the forehead and get down on the floor and play with her toys with her, man, it sure made me swoon!! 
toward the end of the evening, we went to the park next door to stretch our legs and the hubs tossed my little avery into the air over and over again with lots and lots of squeals coming from baby girl.  

i got a look at my future on saturday, and it really wasn't half bad.

April 1, 2014

love your body

First of all, Happy April Fool's day! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you're all a bunch of suckazzzz. Ha!
I have been really loving Rachel's year of Cultivating Self Love series and have been especially loving this month's focus on loving our bodies.  It has been really inspiring.  Her posts this month have really picked me up on low self-esteem days.

Things I love about my body:

My legs.  I am thankful that my legs can take me places.  I am thankful that my legs have carried me to unforgettable destinations (Rome, London, Paris, Cancun) I am thankful that my legs are powerful and that they give me the ability to exercise and play!  I love that they give me the ability to dance with my husband and have dance parties with my friends.

My lips.  I am thankful that I am able to feel and express love with my lips.  I am thankful that I get to kiss my nieces and nephews on the head and feel their soft baby skin.  I am thankful that I can show my husband love by kissing him.  I'm glad I get to use fun things like lipstick and lipgloss and trying out new colors!

My tummy.  I think my tummy tells a story.  It shows all the good food I have eaten with friends.  It shows that I am uncomfortable in bikinis as my tummy has never seen the sun.  It shows that I have worked hard on my ab muscles.  I love that it shows that I am more concerned with living than dieting. (maaaaaaybe I am grasping at straws and trying to come up with reasons to love my tummy?) But most of all, I love that someday my tummy will hold the most precious gift I will ever receive; a baby.

My arms.  My arms allow me to give hugs and express how much I love those around me. My arms also allow me to hold my nieces and nephews and squeeze them tight.

I am thankful for a healthy body that allows me to live and love and learn and grow. I do not take my body for granted.  My body is a gift and I try to treat it as such.  Thank you Rachel for this inspiring prompt!