Lot 48: why i will never be a fashion blogger

March 5, 2014

why i will never be a fashion blogger

A lot of blogs that I come across are very fashion oriented.  They talk about new clothes and how they put together their outfits, new jewelry, all kinds of fun stuff! And really, it all kind of goes over my head.  My style is.... non-exisistent.  I buy comfortable clothes that I think are cute and fit me well.  I know that you are supposed to wear a long necklace with a plain sweater and that you NEVER wear socks with your toms (sorry, Jessica.) I think I know how to look cute, but I feel like my ability to look cute comes from my basic girl DNA, not education.  I kind of rely on my sisters and my mom to tell me how to dress and to tell me when something looks gross.   

The following shots were taken on New Year's Eve.  Whenever I ask Taran to take a picture of me, he ends up taking about 100, literally.  This time, he took closer to 200.  I have no idea why.  But to give you more proof as to why I will never be a fashion blogger, lets look at these.

^^socks with a LBD! claaassssyyy^^

^^I don't mind that a bike is in the background! How could that possibly be a problem?^^

^^what? is this not a good pose?^^

^^be an animal, lauren. like a cat. meeeeoooow^^

^^models twirl, right??^^

^^i think this is my best pose YET^^

^^am i supposed to move slower than this? is it a problem my arm is fuzzy? what did you say? why do i still have my socks on?^^

^^this is the only pose i do. i blow kisses. i don't know what else there is.^^

^^this one says, "oh my lovely fans, I love you ALL^^

^^who needs necklaces? just drape this sparkly garland around your neck and you are good to GO!^^

^^i am a classsic beauty............(insert sarcasm here)^^

^^ripping off tags is so last season^^

^^party girl pose!!^^

^^what are you saying? duck faces are out?? you're fired.^^

^^i know where you sleeeeeeeepppppp^^

make it work.


  1. Haha too bad these are actually cute! My boyfriend is a photographer and I still hate half the photos he takes of me. I am constantly asking myself "WHY DID I CHOOSE THAT OUTFIT?" or "Why didn't I just curl my hair?"
    Being a girl is hard!!!

    1. Jordyn you are too sweet. those pictures are purely comical. i mean.... socks with a LBD? come on, lauren. come on. it is hard being a girl! i never like pictures that i'm in.


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