Lot 48: Why can't celebrities stay together?

March 31, 2014

Why can't celebrities stay together?

i feel like every week, i hear about a new celebrity couple separating/getting divorced.  i know that there are plenty of non-famous people who get divorced (duh) but since they are celebrities, i hear about their divorces. 
^^am i the only one who thinks miranda kerr looks like she's 15?^^
i read miranda's interview in cosmo shortly after she announced her separation from orlando bloom.  in a nutshell, she said the reason they were getting divorced is because they didn't really have time to spend with each other anymore as their careers were so demanding.  what?!?! this really irks me, when people choose careers over family.  i don't know their whole situation, maybe they were just really unhappy, but really? you don't have time for your husband anymore because you are working on your new skin care line, so you are going to divorce him? okaaaay..
i wasn't surprised at all when gwenyth and chris announced their separation.  gwenyth had said in several interviews how hard marriage is and how much work goes into it.  it just didn't sound like she was really happy. i know there are so many reasons to get divorced, and that its none of my business and they're celebrities so who cares.  
but honestly.  whenever celebrities get engaged or married, my first thought is 'hmmm. i wonder how long they will last.' is it because marriages must be harder in the spotlight?  is it because being famous is so demanding and you're so busy?  are celebrities just selfish people who don't take time to work on their marriage and keep it alive?

^^yes, i put hillary duff in here. my inner 13 year old, Lizzie McGuire loving self had to^^
i just  don't feel like celebrities take marriage seriously.  it seems like its not a big deal like it should be.  marriage is serious business! about a week ago, i found out a couple who i don't even really know was getting divorced after three months.  i was so upset i lost sleep over it. i lost sleep over it.  i felt so pathetic and weird, that i was so upset over people who i didn't even know. but it really bothered me.  divorce makes me sad. i always have dreams that members of my family are getting divorced, especially that my parents are getting divorced.  i think its one of my biggest fears.  good thing i married such an amazing man who will fight tooth and nail for our marriage and i for him.

why do you think celebrities get divorced so often?

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