Lot 48: well, okay, i guess i'm excited for it..

March 19, 2014

well, okay, i guess i'm excited for it..

Helene In Between

so... i know that i was all a mess of emotions a few days ago when i wrote this post but... it is march! and it is still so cold! and it is really quite frankly, unacceptable.  when i went home a few weekends ago, i got all these fun new spring/summer clothes and was so excited to wear them! but then when i got home to this horribly cold place, i couldn't wear them!! i'm still wearing my parka! i know that those of you in reallllllly cold places like chicago, michigan, etc, are scoffing at me right now, but i'm from the desert! and this is cold for me!

and so! i can't wait for summer because of THIS

^^no that is NOT me, that is my suuuper athletic friend Kim.^^

we have talked about where i am from and that i am from the desert.  but what is GREAT about my hometown is that we have two man made lakes and my summers are spent there.  my family (as in my dad) has a boat and we took her out every single week growing up.  i LOVE going home in the summer because it is filled with tubing, cliff jumping, lounging on the tube, tanning and eating sandwiches in the sun.  it is glorious.  

^^i am on the far left but why am i telling you that because i have no makeup on and look like an alien.^^

^^look at my tan lines! remember what tan lines are? or have we forgotten because of this horrible winter?^^

^^my bestie. doesn't she look so relaxed and carefree?? SUMMMMMMERRRRR^^

^^i am an EXPERT at tubing.  the only time i fall off is when i protecting someone else. my bestie is on the left, she has been serving an LDS mission in Taiwan and will be home in 2 months and I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT.^^

^^that's me in the turqouise swimsuit jumping.  you can walk from the parking lot to the cliff so it's always packed.  people take beers and sandwiches and just lay on the cliff all day.  to the right of the picture is where this nifty little reef is where you can lay on this rock with a few inches of water over you.  bliss^^

SUMMERRRRRR!!!!!!! let's do it!

xoxo, lauren


  1. Yep, winter is taking far too long. Enough already! I want to paint my toes bright pink and show them up in sandals! Bring on the sun :)

    1. yes! exactly right! i'm sure you will get that soon now that you live in Texas! love your blog!


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