Lot 48: Wanderlust Wednesdays: Harrods

March 19, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Harrods

Hello my dears!! I feel much better about taking a trip down memory lane on wednesdays instead of mondays.  it just feels better, yeah? 
how has your week been?? i've been just a little mia due to me being an newlywed and all.  i just want to snuggle up with my husband and watch a movie instead of blogging. can you blame me? and also, an update! it looks like the hubby might possibly-maybe-hopefully-keep-your-fingers-crossed be able to come with me on my business trip after all!  i really hope it works out! it would be so fun to have fun in Disneyworld together for a little bit!  
I am really excited about this post! Harrods was one of my favorite (favorite?) places in London. Enjoy!

I actually had a really special treat of turning 21 while on my study abroad in London.  I waited to go to Harrods until my birthday as a special celebration, and let me tell you, it was definitely worth it!  

a large majority of the things there are as expensive as if you walked into Dior or Prada.  given how pounds nearly doubles when converted to the dollar, everything is already expensive for americans in england. when i looked at the prices for things, it was a little mind boggling! 
^^check out my platinum blonde hair and bangs! oh, 21 year old self...^^

^^i thought i was really cool.^^

^^but this chair, guys..^^

^^would have walked down that aisle with me and pretended it was a runway? you would? then we can be friends.^^

and now for the main event.....

They have chocolate EVERYTHING and it was BLISS.  take a look at the menu

^^we got HOT CHOCOLATE.  and no, it isn't water with powdered choclate in it. it is literally hot chocolate.  chocolate in a cup, melted.  and the spoon doubles as a straw.  hollaaa....^^

^^the bakery! the b a k e r y!!!!!  the most delicious sweets there! ^^

and now to show you these fancy escalators....

^^With a creepy gold manequin at the top......^^

^^Spitting image^^

Harrods!! Have you ever been?

xoxo, lauren


  1. I am so checking out that hot chocolate later this week! xx


    1. you definitely should! delish! let me know how it goes!


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