Lot 48: wanderlust wednesdays: kew gardens

March 10, 2014

wanderlust wednesdays: kew gardens

happy monday! and you know what that means! wanderlust monday - where i share my adventures from my i was on a study abroad in London! And now! I've been thinking about this whole "wanderlust monday" business, and so after this post, i am going to switch the day to Wednesday! I think it will work better for everyone as i am always filled with ideas for Monday posts and right now I have to wait and it gets the my posting calendar all screwed up. And hopefully seeing a little bit of wanderlust will help get you through hump day! soo look forward to wanderlust wednesdays! i think it will be great!

And so! now we enter into last installment of wanderlurst mondays!
so, to give you a little background, Kew Gardens is a beautiful place located in southwest London with 300 acres of beautiful gardens and glass houses.  there were so many forests you could walk through with cafes and benches nearby and you could learn about the different kinds of animals that were in the green houses and just walk around for hours!! it was absolutely gorgeous! 

^^There was a peacock just walking around the grounds!^^

^^isn't it all just so BEAUTIFUL?????^^

our first stop was the green house! 

^^aren't those waterlilies so beautiful? it was definitely humid in there.^^

Next was the rainforest room!

^^a note about the ring i'm wearing. remember how the royal wedding had just happened and so EVERYONE was wearing this ring? soooo... obviously i jumped on that bandwagon.

^^This plant grows like 3 inches a day. So fast.^^

^^they had lots of fake big tropical animals.^^

^^doesn't this room remind you of that scene in "SALT" where angie joline is meeting her bug guy for the first time?? right??^^

thanks for reading!!! I really love going through my old photos of my time in London and sharing them with you all!! have a fabulous week! 
xoxo, lauren


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