Lot 48: i'm a stalker

March 26, 2014

i'm a stalker

so, we all know that i really like babies.  and sometimes, i get a liiiiiitle bit weird.  so while i was getting lunch across the street from my office today, i saw this little thing. 
 so, naturally, i took pictures.  because, how could i not?  LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS.  honestly, though. 
 look at that smile! 

 thinking i'm a little bit creepy?  let me tell you that she reminded me an awful lot of my niece who I haven't seen in a few months.  she had the chubby-ness down, just like my niece, and she smiled just like my niece.  

 this isn't the first time this has happened.  i often take pictures of babies. but when i think about it, i tend to only take a picture of a baby when he/she reminds me of a niece of nephew of mine.  there. have i redeemed myself a bit?

- Lauren
your neighborhood stalker

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