Lot 48: i'm all just a jumbled mess of emotions about winter

March 14, 2014

i'm all just a jumbled mess of emotions about winter

let me first explain something to you.  i am from the desert.  not a pseudo desert, the legit desert. i grew up in the very, very, very southwest corner of Utah.  My house was 2 miles from Arizona and 130 miles from Vegas (therefore i know that city like the back of my hand and have been there waaaaaay too many times.) my town is very small and so we would always go shopping for clothes in Vegas and if you need a cheap getaway.... Vegas, anyone?? you know. so anyway, my town gets extremely hot in the summer.  it is usually about 112 in june and july and about 117-120 degrees in august.  so when i moved up north, winter was quite an adjustment to me because i had never lived in a place with snow.  
and so! as you remember, i kind of hate summer.  but! winter is also very cold. the past few days, i have been thinking to myself, "do i like winter? what's going on here? i haven't really had tantrums or cried because of the weather at all in the winter, and i do that a lot in the summer. soooooo.." 

 but then as i think about summer, i get excited! but i also get really anxious and unhappy in the summer for some reason. winter just feels cozy to me, and i like it. i like the sweaters and the scarves and the hot chocolate. babies look like this!
 but the winter is so cold! you have to scrap ice off your car! snow causes accidents! 
and summer! the pools!  the ice cream!  the barbecues! but... it's just soooo HOT.  and being hot makes me really crabby, i have found. 
so, i guess what i am trying to say, i feel spring approaching and i am kind of getting antsy and kind of want winter to last a bit longer.  weird? i think so. 

xoxo, lauren

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