Lot 48: happenings

March 13, 2014


i gotta tell ya, this week has really kicked my butt.  it has been exhausting. can we blame day light savings, please?  i have just been so tired.  and no i am not pregnant. that seems to be what people jump to now when i tell them i'm tired, feel nauseated, etc. there are other reasons for those things than growing a baby! 
starting a new job is rough.  you kind of feel like you are driving a high speed train and you aren't exactly sure how to drive the thing or when you're supposed to stop and what all the buttons do.  its all just...... {this is part where a real nice gif would fit in so well of someone with a really stressed out, hysterical face, but i don't know where to find such a thing. where do i find such a thing? do you know??} 
so lets talk about other things besides my new job that is making me go... {another gif! i need them! where do i find them??}
  • as i might have mentioned, i went home over the weekend and my mom took me shopping in Vegas for work clothes.  I got so many cute new clothes and i would am dying to wear them, but they are spring/summer clothes and the weather won't cooperate! 

  • i went to Disney on ice with my little sister {i am a big sister in the Big Brother Big Sister Program, my little sister is 13} and it was so much fun.  the above shot is of my favorite princess, Merida from Brave.  I loooove that movie and she is by far my favorite.  I just really like it that she doesn't have a prince.  girl power! and how about those adorable girls in their princess dresses? are you dying?
  • my very best friend in the entire world is on an LDS mission (where they preach the gospel of our church in a specific part of the world (you  can be called anywhere in the world) for 18 months if they are a girl, 2 years if they are a boy.)  and i just found out she will be coming home on my birthday! I'm so excited! Missionaries can only call their families on Mother's Day and Christmas and can write emails once a week and write letters.  Communication is few and far between, especially since she is in Taiwan and it takes letters so long to get to her and vice versa.  It has been rough having her gone for so long, she's my person.  I am just really really really excited to have her back. I may or may not have a countdown on my phone counting the days until she gets home. 
  • my husband and i have been called to teach the 5 year old kids at church! i am so excited!! that is such a fun age and i can't wait. 
  • i feel like no matter how much or how often i clean our apartment, it is always messy.  i just can't keep up with the mess. i just can't. 
  • and...... the weird sleeping continues. but on my part now.  the other night, i put both my hands on Taran's face, rolled over and lied still.  what the weird?????
  • exciting things are happening in my family! my sister is half way through her pregnancy and my other sister will find out where she will be moving in a few weeks.  Her husband just finished medical school and "match" day is coming up, where they will learn where will do his residency.  I hope they move closer to us than they live now!
  • THIS IS MONUMENTAL. i think my love for diet dr. pepper is getting a liiiiiiiiiitle out of hand. there is a soda fountain machine in the kitchen at work and for the past few weeks, they had my lovely diet dr. pepper.  but then... they switched to regular dr. pepper.  noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. so now i have been running to the gas station across the street from my house every morning to get my drink. do you think i have a problem?
  • i have been going to the gym! yeah! that's the stuff!! 
  • we finally have necessary pieces of kitchen appliances to live with and......wait for it......... i only have about  10 more thank you notes to write. can you believe it? i think i am like, rockstar status.  i have only been married a month. fast, yeah?
  • oh yeah, i have been married a month.  and it has been bliss.  i really can't even describe how happy it makes me to be married to my sweetheart. it is, like, the bomb.com (because people still say that, donnnnnn't you worry)

xoxo, lauren

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