Lot 48: a letter of thanks to mark zuckerberg

March 4, 2014

a letter of thanks to mark zuckerberg

no, this isn't a post of thanks to say that i love FB soooooo much and i would die without out. no.

is it just me, or do most bloggers work in marketing in their day jobs? i feel like it isn't just me. bloggers are creative people and our creativity expands beyond our work which is why we start our blogs!  yeah?

anyway, we all know i just started a new job and that i am the social media editor for this huge and brilliant, multi million dollar company. and the other day as i was writing tweets, i was thinking about how many thousands of jobs mark has created.  when you think about it, Facebook is the social media platform that launched all other social media platforms.  would there be twitter, insagram, pinterest, etc without FB? I don't think so.  10 years ago, my job was not a thing. my job is a very new profession.  mark created a new profession.  isn't that amazing to think about??
i would have no job if it weren't for mark zuckerberg. and really though, i think most of you wouldn't either because a lot of us are marketers??
anyway, thanks mark. sorry FB is slowly dying and nobody really care about it anymore (right??? am i the only one who feels this way?) but thanks for changing everything forever.

what do you do for your job?

oh and by the way.... i filled this out!! i love these!! they are so much fun! i always feel like i am famous and on the cover of Cosmo!!

xoxo, lauren

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