Lot 48: a chronological progression of bangs

March 18, 2014

a chronological progression of bangs

 i have discovered that i really enjoy writing about flashbacks to my childhood.  so lets throw it waaaay back and talk about BANGS.
several months ago, i think at thanksgiving(?) while home, i pulled out my box with all my memorabilia in it to show Taran.  but what i found was just really really great, classic pictures of the original bangs. you think you have bangs? no. these are the ORIGINAL bangs.
*disclaimer: you might sense a bit of sarcasm in this post. i am not being sarcastic. these bangs were the BOMB.

^^the BANGS, guys.^^

if i ever have a daughter, you BET i will do her hair just like this. because really, what other way is there to look good?

xoxo, lauren

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