Lot 48: ya man. bobsled.

February 21, 2014

ya man. bobsled.

and now we continue the recap of my honeymoon! you can find the first post here.

After haiti, we went to Jamaica!

^^view from the buffet^^

^^it was very much a tourist destination. there were shops everywhere.  and oddly enough, there were a ton of jewelry shops because i guess diamonds are really cheap there??^^

there was some music playing so this happened...

after looking around, we bought an over priced bus ticket to get to the beach.

^^handsome husband^^

the bus driver was really funny. he said "when i say 'ya, man' you say 'ya, man'." and "here in Jamaica, we dont' have problems, we have situations." 

^^had to show it off. i don't think you have seen my ring with my wedding band? i am in love with it.^^

^^views from the bus as we drove through the town^^


^^i have this victoria's secret tote that i use when i go to the beach/pool/whatever and it was getting kind of heavy so taran insisted on carrying it all the time. the man is a GEM,^^

we just lied around for hours and it was pure bliss.  then we went back to the shop and just took a dip in the pool on the ship and had dinner. the next day..... we went to an ice show! so prepare yourselves for some really bad pictures from my phone.

at one point, a male skater just lifted the female skater up over his heads and swung her around and then did a flip and landed perfectly.  when i commented on how strong the skater was i think i might have bruised husband's ego because he said "whatever. i'm stronger!" i quickly said "yes, baby, you could totally do that." and then he said "i don't know about you....." and kissed me on the cheek.

the show was pretty cool and a lot of fun but pictures can't do it justice, so i recorded some of it for you to watch!!

^^that night when we had dinner we had the most delicious dessert i had EVER had. it was called pavloka or something and it was diviiiiiine.  we ordered two. no shame^^

^^you can see our bed is quite large and i guess i tend to spread my legs out when i sleep??? so one night taran bumped me in one of his leg twitches and woke me up. i said "honey! why are you spread out all over the bead? scoot OVER!" his response was "i am literally on the edge of the bed, sweetheart." and then i realized that my legs were entirely spread out and HE was the one who had no room. so grunted and scooted over and fell back asleep. i didn't even remember it until taran told me in the morning. so sleeping in the same bed is going GREAT.^^

^^kickin' it with the towel dog.^^

^^awwwwwww.. he's so cute!^^

and that concludes this chapter of our honeymoon!! check back for more later! And hey! it's friday!! I am looking forward to finally unpacking my house, cooking a meal in my new crockpot and writing thank you notes! lets get this house in order! i am so stressed and overwhelmed, our apartment is a mess and i want to decorate it cute and put everything away! we just haven't had time!! And I also need to tell you about my new job! There will definitely be a post on that.
thanks for reading!!

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