Lot 48: Wanderlust Wednesays: greenwich village & trafalgar square

February 24, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesays: greenwich village & trafalgar square

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you had a good weekend!! We spent the weekend unpacking and putting away wedding presents and writing thank you notes.  I am SO HUMBLED by how kind and generous everyone was at our wedding.  We got sooooo many gifts and i beyond grateful.  We feel so loved.  
I love being married.  I love living with Taran, i love sharing everything with him, i love being his wife, i love that he's my husband, i love our apartment, i love our life together. add my awesome new job that i am loving and everything is just really perfect right now.  anyway, i just had to say that.  let's move on, shall we? 

this wanderlust monday post is a bit jumbled list the last one, but as i said, i saw and did so much it was all kind of scrambled.  but i am loving sharing it with you all! 

Trafalgar Square was one of my favorite places in London  I love  the buildings, the sculptures, the fountain, the museums, all of it! 


^^I loved this fountain.  we went there periodically to throw coins in and make wishes.^^

^^This was such a large structure! I'm so small on this thing! It's huge!^^

 A few days later, I went on the Big Bus Tour around London. It was so much fun! It was nice to see London without walking. We sat on the top level and it was a beautiful day.

^^can you believe how different I look now?? ugh, i hate having bangs, i will never have them again.^^

^^The bus took us to Mayfair, which is a really fancy part of London with lots of shops and really nice apartments.^^

^^We got off the Bus at St Paul's Cathedral.  This is where Princess Diana got married. I learned on the tour that's why she decided to get married at St. Paul's instead of Westminster was just because the accoustics were better.^^

^^We passed under Tower Bridge^^

^^Then we hopped on a ferry and went to Greenwich.^^

We went to a market there where they had lots of cute little things.

^^on the way back, we saw them separate the bridge to let big boats through. It was cool to see.^^

all this writing about london is really making me miss it!! i hope you enjoyed this installment of wanderlust mondays!! Have a great one!!

xoxo, lauren

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