Lot 48: Wanderlust Wednesday: Portobello Road

February 3, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: Portobello Road

Who's excited about another Wanderlust Monday post? I have really enjoyed sharing these experiences with you and I hope that you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed sharing.  I'm just so glad that it is this week and that my wedding is on Saturday!  I can't wait.  Last week was pretty rough, time seems to be inching slower than a snail.  I am really ready to get married and this whole waiting thing is terrible. Let's get this show on the road!
So let's start off this week by taking a trip down Portobello Road! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

A few days after I arrived in London, a large group of us decided to head over to Portobello Road. It was actually just on the other side of Hyde Park where we lived.  

As I'm sure most of you know, Portobello Road is in Notting Hill. As I almost lived in Notting Hill, I thought maybe I'll meet a movie star and fall in love??  But I didn't own a book store, so.....

^^Doesn't this look like the door in the movie? I wanted to knock and see if Hugh Grant was home.^^

^^This is the top of the street. Or the bottom I guess, depending which way you're going.  By the way, the entire day I couldn't stop singing the song "Portobello Road, portobello road, streets where the riches of ages are sold... anything and everything a chap can unload, is sold by the barrel in portobellloooo road..."^^

^^Iconic sign. Gotta take a picture, right? Street signs in England aren't on poles like here in America, they are attached to sides of buildings. So I could a bit confused which street was which.^^

^^This guy was totally rockin' a kilt. We really wanted a picture of this guy, but didn't want it to be obvious, so the elbow you see in the pink sweater was my friend standing by him as we pretended to take a picture of her. We were sneaky.^^

^^The buildings around were just SO pretty.^^

^^Let's be honest, would you see a shop in America with a giant tea pot hanging above it? Probably not. I love England.^^

^^One of my favorite (favourite?) things about London were all the street performers.^^

^^You know what's funny? Out of the girls in this picture, we are all married but one (I count myself as married in this poll.  My wedding is in 5 days, guys.)^^

^^quality merchandise^^


^^I had  to get a picture of the store Notting Hill, just like the movie!^^

Have you ever been to Portobello Road?

xoxo, Lauren

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