Lot 48: this is my new life

February 27, 2014

this is my new life

so many changes have happened in the past few weeks it is insane.  i got married.  i moved. i started going by a new name. i started a new job.  that is a lot of change!! 

i have a lot of responsibility at my new job and it is a much bigger company than i have ever worked for; its a multi-million dollar company!! in my jobs previously as i made decisions and shared my ideas, i felt like i was playing with a small camp fire.  if i made a mistake, the fire could quickly be put out.  but now, i feel like i am playing with a forest fire.  that is how drastic a change this is.  but i am loving it! it has really tested my confidence as i have started working there.  i felt my new boss really talked me up and put me on a pedestal and i was so nervous to disappoint!!  i didn't want to open my mouth and do my job and then have a coworker think I wasn't as great as she said i was.  it was all very scary.  
there is so much to learn at this new job but i am proud to say i think i am handling things okay and i think i am doing pretty well at keeping up.  i can't even tell you how much of a blessing this new job is and how long i had been searching for a new opportunity.  it was a real challenge to be patient for the right match.  and now that i have found it and its here, i am so grateful that i wasn't hired at those dozens of other companies that turned me down.  this is the perfect place!! 
this is real, adult stuff that's happening right now. marriage, big job, signing up for life insurance, you know.  grown up stuff.  but it turns out, adults have fun too. and being an adult has its perks.  such as...

business trips to Disney World.  yes, you read that correctly.  i'm going to Disney World on business.  I never thought I would say that.  we have an annual conference that happens every year at my new job, and this year, its at Disney World! I guess not too many people in my department go, but my boss decided she needed me to go, so it looks like i'm going! it will be for a full week in April and I'm so excited!! If somebody told me this is what business trips were like, i wouldn't have been dreading them so much!! I can't wait!!  

xoxo, lauren


  1. Disney world on business?? That's awesome!!

  2. so glad to hear that your new job is going so well :) and that's awesome that you're going to disneyworld! i hope you get to have time to yourself to be able to explore :)


    1. unfortunately, i don't get to actually go to disney world except for a water park party! we can't afford to have my husband come with me and i don't want to go to the parks without him! sadness!!


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