Lot 48: this is the last honeymoon post i PROMISE

February 25, 2014

this is the last honeymoon post i PROMISE

let's finish up all this honeymoon talk!! you can view the first honeymoon post here and the second post here.

valentine's day was just 6 days after our wedding and was the last day on the cruise ship. i got sea sick quite a bit on the trip, usually in the evenings, so i asked taran to run down to the cafe and grab me some sprite to settle my stomach and so that i could take some pepto.  he returned with this sweet delectable desert!
^^valentine's day cupcake! it was delicious!^^

that night, we had made reservations at one of fancy restaurants that was not included in the price of the cruise.  it was a steakhouse and was very nice and absolutely delicious.
^^we got all dressed up for our first valentine's day together!^^

^^nice retaurant, yeah?^^

i must say, the steak there was literally the best steak i have ever had.  the price for the dinner was $30 a person and they gave you whatever steak you wanted and ask many sides as you wanted and as many desserts as you wanted.  after i bit into my steak, i felt like it was a bargain. if they had asked me to pay $100 for the steak, i would have been like "yeah, okay, that sounds about right."  really, though.  THE STEAK.

The next morning, we got off the ship and went back to Miami.  I was so sad to leave the ship.  It was complete bliss.  We checked into our hotel in Miami and went to lunch.

^^this is me trying to get a good picture of my husband and this was the best i got^^

After we rested for a few hours in our hotel (yes, rested, i took a nap and we caught up on TV.  seriously.  get your mind out of the gutter.) we headed out to see the city and go to a movie.

i booked our hotel along the beach and within walking distance of Lincoln Street, Miami's infamous outdoor mall.  so our first stop was checking out the beach.

it was evening and the sun was setting, so we didn't stay long.  i have been to miami twice, so i just really wanted to show husband Lincoln street.

^^lincoln street!!  i love this part of Miami!  So much culture and different types of people from all walks of life!  i love that!^^

^^not a statue. a person^^

we had dinner at nexxt cafe which was delicious and then saw jack ryan: shadow recruit or something like that??  it was actually pretty good and very suspenseful.  and i had never seen kera knightly in a movie where she had an american accent before, so that was strange. we ended the night with cold stone creamery.

The next day, we took our sad selves to the airport.  sad the honeymoon was over, sad the trip was over, sad we had to go back to reality.  but here's the thing.  i was sad as i was for the honeymoon to end, i was kind of excited to go home.  i didn't marry taran so i could go on vacation with him.  i married him because i want to build a life with him and live together and figure out life together and have children together. and you don't do those things on vacation.  i was excited to go home because i was excited to start our life together.  i was excited for reality, because my reality is pretty great. in fact, its really, really, really excellent. 

we flew from miami to los angeles to salt lake city, and as we left los angeles, i thought back to this post that i wrote a year ago, when i visited la myself because i missed it so much.  it was exactly a year ago when i was on that plane with my new husband, and my mind was blown.  a year ago, i was looking out that window, thinking about a guy who i had gone on a few dates with and deciding what i was going to do with my life and what my next career move would be.  and now, one year later, i am in the same city as i go on my honeymoon with my husband.  isn't life crazy?
i remember a party i went to with taran and my friend nearly two years ago, back when taran and i were just friends.  he was frustrated with his dating life and saying with the way things were going, he wouldn't get married until he was in his mid 30s.  i was in a really weird/hard place at that point and wasn't looking for a relationship or anything, so i never imagined when he was talking about his future wife that that would be me.  but once the weird/hard time ended and the clouds parted and the sun shone again, this handsome, fun, sweet guy popped into my head and i strongly felt like i needed to see him.  even though we hadn't spoken in 8 months, i texted him out of blue and asked him to go to a hockey game with me.  a year later, here we are. 
ain't life a funnny thaaaang... who'd a thunk.


  1. Sorry about the seasickness! I'm very jealous of the gorgeous weather you all had though! x

  2. luckily i had a lovely pill that really helped! we really did have perfect weather though!


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